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Golf is one big frustration.
Who says golf is a relaxing game??.. Not for me .Golf has to be one of the most frustrating things to try to get good at.. I have been doing it for 10 years and still the frustrations linger...Everytime I think I have turned the corner, I run into a roadblock...Hitting off the tee with a driver is probably the most difficult. But in the last  two times, i have been solid off the tee. But then there is trying to hit from 190 out with a hybrid is a major problem ... The short game.. My distance always seems to be an issue.. Too much club? not enough? None-the-less, it never is the right choice..and I havent even got to putting or chipping from the fringe, or pitching from 60 yards out.. throw in sand shots..So many things to practice, no wonder nobody ever gets good at this game.. Even though its such a frustrating game, so many of us are right back out there because of those few good shots each round that keep us coming back..
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Are the Divsion Title Hopes Sliding Away
I sure hate to give up on repeating as NL Central Division champs in early May but the St Louis Cardinals are going to be awfully difficult to catch from the early "Freimund Eye Test" The Cardinals are showing they didnt need Pujols as thier offense is clicking at the high rate  I still think the Brewers can find their way to 90 wins but the Cardinals are on such a run to start the season,they proving they are one of the best teams in baseball.  I just hope a 5 and half game lead on the Brewers doesnt grow too much and  turn into 10 by the All Star Break or sooner..
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