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wickett's world - The SoundOff Line
The SoundOff line has been part of SportsRadio 1250 for a long time. Ever since i came to 1250 in 2007, it's been my job to compile the best calls that come in, add a little entertainment, and churn out a SoundOff line. Sometimes they're better than others. Sometimes the calls are better. Sometimes the calls are just awful. I've been doing this for over 5 years now, so I've made over 1,000 SoundOff lines, (it's actually closer to 1,300) so I think I know what I’m talking about.
I often get asked how many calls we get on a daily basis. That's easy. What happened to the local team? If the Packers lose, I can guarantee I’ll get nearly 100 calls. If the Brewers win? I'll get around 20, but only about 3 will be about The Crew. The rest will be about what was said on 1250 that day. Hey, it's an industry based on negativity. Your teams are SUPPOSED to win. Lose and we all have the answers, right?
Some people don’t like calling the live shows and that’s just fine. That’s what the Soundoff Line is for!

I've been thinking of writing this blog for a long time. I've got mixed feelings about it's purpose. Part of me wants you to know how to get your SoundOff line calls on air more frequently. Part of me wants some of you to learn why your calls AREN'T getting on. Part of me wants some of you to learn about the phone calls i get every day. Here are a few SoundOff line tips.
Here's the 1st tip: I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT HEARS YOUR CALLS. Insult/Scream at Bill? He's likely not going to hear it. Hate Sparky? I'll hear you. Sparky won't. Miss an old show? Angry with the Program Director? Cool. I thank you for that....so with that...here's some advice:
-Quality vs. Quantity. Yes, I know you some of you call a lot. (Again, I’ve made +1000 of these). I'd recommend that you drop your call volume per day. Usually, I’ll hear one of the regulars voices and not even listen to their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (you get the point) call. And if your 1st call was no good, then you're out of luck.
-What makes a good call? A lot. Background, fact, reasonable explanation to your point
-Get to the point. I have a LOT to do during the day. The SoundOff line takes about 1 ½ - 2 hours to make. If your call is longer than 30 seconds: A) there’s a good shot I’m not listening to all of it...B) There's a SLIM chance all of it will get aired.
-I will absolutely not tolerate racist phone calls. Keep it to yourself.
-Mix it up. Some of you give me the same calls over and over, day in and day out. I get it. You don't like Packers GM Ted Thompson. No need to tell me 4 days in a row.
-Remember to have fun: This is sports talk. As some call it: the toy department of broadcasting.
-Swearing does not help your cause. As a matter of fact, should I hear you cursing, I’ll most likely delete your call immediately.
-Give me a time check! If you hear something during one of the shows and you call about it (like Garyoke, or a Tim Allen rant) please tell me what time you heard it. This makes it easier for me to find the argument, bit, etc. I can't listen all day. If you say "wickett, did you hear what Sparky said about the Bucks?" The odds are I did not. Every show is recorded. An approximate time helps me out a TON.
-Do you really think I'll let you rip a sponsor on the air? Nope.
-I want YOUR opinion. Not a report of what you watched on the NFL Network or SportsCenter last night. What do YOU think of what the morning show said? What do YOU think the Badgers need to do?
-I will absolutely not tolerate hate filled phone calls. Keep it to yourself.
-Don't like a host's opinion? That's fine. No worries. Tell me why...But "Hey, ____ ______, you suck. You're terrible. How do you have a job?" is most likely NOT getting on air.
-This is not your personal voice mail to me.
-Call during a game. Love to get your opinion on what's going on at the BC, Miller Park or Lambeau. Especially BEFORE it happens! WARNING: you may be wrong...welcome to our world.
-414-448-2162 <-------save it in your phone.
Hope some of this helps. Not sure the kind of reaction I'm going to get from this. I hope it enhances the SoundOff line. I WANT you to call. I want you to enjoy the calls from other 1250 listeners. I hope this all helps!
Cheers to more great SoundOff Lines!!
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wickett's world - 3 random thoughts
3 random sports thoughts:
1) I LOVE that Jarrod Uthoff is looking at Marquette. Not that I want Badgers fans to get upset with me, but I'd love to talk about this story on the air. Sometimes the broadcaster in me has a greater interest in a story than the sports fan in me. So many dynamics to address in this one. What does Bo think? Was Buzz interested in Jarrod before the fiasco with Uthoff/Ryan? Can he play in the MU system? What about the trip back to Madison in 2 years when Vander Blue is a senior and Uthoff is a sophomore? Oh, there are sooo many more!!
2) Does anybody feel like Senator Herb Kohl got behind this "We NEED a new building" thing a bit late? I don't know how much time anyone on this planet has left, and I certainly want to see the Senator around for a while. But at his age...PLUS, will the Bucks be a viable enough product, long enough to get support for the new BC? Will a new owner emerge? I don't know how long this whole process takes, but i just feel like we'd be a LOT further along had Senator Kohl begun campaigning for this in 2007...perhaps we'd be close to home. And speaking of the Bucks...
3) The anti-nba fans can drop the "nobody cares about the Bucks" line at ANY TIME. Guess what? You're dead wrong...for several reasons: A) I was there at the Playoff games in 2010. It was PACKED. B) The passion shown on SportsRadio 1250 WSSP via email, calls, social media, etc proves to me that there are LOTS of Bucks fans in this town. They just haven't had much to cheer about lately. C) You're not the only sports fan in town. Just because YOU don't care for the NBA game, doesn't mean NOBODY cares for it. 
And please don't tell me you'd be fine if the Bucks left town. You don't really want that, and the city of Milwaukee sure wouldn't either. And don't get me started on getting an NHL team...the last league that needs to expand is the NHL...and they sure aren't expanding to a city with a 25 year old building, within 100 miles of another NHL team. .
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