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Wickett's World - trade deadline...Who on the block?
Haven't blogged in a while, so i figure with the trade deadline near, I might as well....Heres's the 3 Milwaukee Brewers that teams will ask about at the trade deadline:
1) SP Zack Greinke: do you really need me to tell you why he may get traded? Cy Young...near the top of the games best pitchers...yada yada yada...ITS ZACK GREINKE. A contending team will DEFINITELY come calling for ZG. 
2) 3B Aramis Ramirez: Some people think I'm crazy for thinking Aramis may get dealt. Think about it. He was brought to continue the "run" the Brewers could be on for the next 3 years...well, that doesn't look like it's happening now does it. If another team (the dodgers) want to offer a top tier prospect for Ramirez, I'm ok with that. I'm not pushing him out the door, but his name is not on the "untouchable" list. If this team is going to lose 3 starters from this rotation, they're taking a step back in 2013 no matter WHO they sign in the off season. It could be a while til they compete for the division title again. I did NOT feel this way at the all star break.
3) SP Randy wolf: teams look for veteran left handers. And I feel bad for Randy-nobody has had more leads blown by the bullpen IN THE MAJORS than Randy Wolf (8 as i write this on 7/24)
others who may get dealt: 
RP John Axford-hey, he can still get the fastball up to 98.
RP Francisco Rodriguez-he was good....til the Phillies game on 7/23.
In closing...pretty much anybody not named Ryan Braun is fair game to get dealt. He's the only "untouchable"
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wickett's world - to each their own...
You know the cool thing about sports? We don’t all need to be fans of the same games. You like what you like and I like what I like…so…to clear a few things up…

Top 3 sports I don't like to talk about on air that you may be a fan of:
1) MMA - I'm much more of a boxing guy. Don't tell me to "give it a chance". I have. I don't get it.
2) Soccer - Are they athletes? Yes. Is it boring? Yes. Is it the same as a 1-1 baseball game? Nope.
3) Tennis - move on. I'll never get why we needed 2 channels of Wimbledon. Give me SportsCenter replays any day.

Top 3 sports I like talking about on air that you may not be a fan of:
1) NBA - Maybe it's just because there's so much negativity around the Bucks, but for some reason some in Milwaukee don't quite "get" the NBA today.
2) NHL - No NHL team in town. I get it. But there is NOTHING like being at an NHL game or watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
3) Auto Racing - I wasn't a gear head till I did 2 things: 1) Pick a driver to root for-just like picking a favorite team. I'm a Tony Stewart fan. 2) GET TO A RACE. 1/2 the fun is the sound/smell of a race track.

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