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Wickett's World - $4,500,000?? That's it?
$4,500,000??? That's it?
There was a big trade made right before the season tipped off. Houston aquired Oklahoma City's James Harden for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and (2) 1st round picks. Yes, I know there was some other stuff traded, but the rest are just typical NBA "garbage for garbage" pieces to make salaries even.
James Harden will regret this move. He wouldn't take $55.5 million over 4 years. He wanted 60. Really? Hey James, you're leaving a team that won 47 games last year (out of 66). You're leaving a team that was in the NBA finals. You're leaving a team that's ready to win NOW. You're leaving a team where you can go about your business doing your thing and make your money, under NO PRESSURE. You're now going to be counted on to come up big ALL OF THE TIME for a team that has hasn't made the playoffs since 2009. Good luck, bearded one. 
Harden's a nice player. A real good player, in fact. He averaged nearly 17 points per game in the OKC uptempo offense OFF THE BENCH. Impressive, but that's when he's wasn't the focal point of the offense. James Jones leads the NFL in TD catches, but is he really a #1?? Nope. It's nice getting coverage from #2/#3 DB's. Now, Harden's gotta be the man. Defenses will key on him, especially now that Kevin Martin is gone. Harden HAD the perfect situation. He was Chris Bosh. The 3rd banana on a GREAT big 3. Now what? Harden/Lin/Delfino? Maybe he lures another big name to Houston in the future...fine, but he'll never see KD3/Westbrook walk through those doors to join him. Remember that $4.5 million, James. Hope it's worth it to lose in the 1st round of the playoffs year after year.
And as for Houston giving up Martin (17ppg) Lamb (12th pick in the 2012 draft) AND 2 picks?? HUH?? you gave up 3 1st rounders for the 6th man of the year? Here's a list of 6th man winners. Any of those not named Manu worth THREE 1st round picks? Congrats, Houston. You've just aquired the most overrated PG of the 2011-12 season AND a pretty good 6th man. Good luck. 
Congrats OKC. Yes, chemistry may be tweaked a bit, but you're still set up to run to the Western Conference finals AND you're set to be pretty good for the future. Oh, and you still have Kevin Durant. If this was boxing, i'd have stopped this fight a while ago. A total NO CONTEST. 
Cheers to the NBA returning! 
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I'm not Vince Lombardi. I'm not John Madden or Jon Gruden. I know a thing or two about football, but I surly don't know everything. And for the record, i think many people that listen to me on the radio know as much and often times, MORE than I do. But after today...wow...i may have to rethink this...The Packers lost S/DB/LB/Hot Dog Salesman/Whatever-you-need all EVERYTHING Charles Woodson. Here are SOME of the responses we received via Facebook, Twitter or Email this morning
Santo: "Now we we an replace him and let him retire in grace...He can still be an inspiration on the sideline but his lack of speed will no longer be a crutch on the field. This is a good thing."
Jason: "Our defense in my eyes will be the same if not better.."
Tim: We're loaded at DB...We'll be fine..."
Eddie: "not a huge loss in terms of performance."
Let me be clear about this. He's NOT the player he was 2 years ago, but he's still a DANGEROUS player on defense. There are 2 players on the Packers defense EVERY quarterback must recognize on defense when he comes to the line of scrimmage: #52 and #21. Woodson lines up EVERYWHERE. You MUST account for him. If not, he'll burn you with a PBU, sack, int or one of his textbook tackles. And please don't forget, he's the QB of the defense. And remember, it's not like he hasn't played well lately...he was a pro bowler in 2011. 
LOSING A PRO BOWLER IS NOT A GOOD THING. Ask yourself this: Are you comfortable with M.D. Jennings at S? Anything besides "no" is a WRONG answer...the good news? Green Bay SHOULDN'T need #21 to beat Jax or AZ...then a bye...THEN it gets tough with games at Detroit and the Giants.
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wickett's world - Who's Jack Trice?
Who’s Jack Trice?
Have you ever heard of Jack Trice? I hadn’t until last weekend. The story is disgusting and amazing at the same time. I was listening to the Iowa State/Kansas State football game on Saturday (why wouldn’t I?) As the ISU radio broadcaster said, “live from Jack Trice Stadium….” I wondered who this “Jack Trice” was that had a stadium named after him. I was SHOCKED to learn his story:
Johnny "Jack" Trice (1902 – October 8, 1923) was a football player who became the first African-American athlete from Iowa State University). Trice died due to injuries suffered during a college football game against the University of Minnesota on October 6, 1923.

On October 6, 1923, Trice and his Iowa State College teammates played against the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the night of the game, Trice had to stay at a different Minneapolis hotel from his teammates.

During the second play of the game, Trice's collarbone was broken. Trice insisted he was all right and returned to the game. In the third quarter, while attempting to tackle a University of Minnesota ball carrier by throwing a roll block, Trice was trampled by three Minnesota players. Although he claimed to be fine, Trice was removed from the game and sent to a Minneapolis hospital. The doctors declared him fit to travel and he returned by train to Ames with his teammates. 
On October 8, 1923, Trice died from hemorrhaged lungs andinternal bleeding as a result of the injuries sustained during the game.
Trice's funeral was held at the Iowa State College's central campus in Ames on October 16, 1923, with 4,000 students and faculty members in attendance.
As a result of his death, ISU did not renew their contract to play against Minnesota after the 1924 game. They would not play again until 1989.

And now you know the tale of Jack Trice.

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Wickett's World - Sorry RGIII: You'll never win.

Sorry RGIII, you'll never win.
Let's face it: Robert Griffin III is a fad. So is Cam Newton. No, this is not a race-based blog, but some will take it that way. This is about NFL quarterbacks. You know who wins SuperBowls? Prototypical, drop back, accurate quarterbacks. You know what gets people excited but never delivers? Mobile quarterbacks. I'm not saying that RGIII and Cam aren't talented enough to win the big one. Believe me, i think they have more talent than nearly any qb in the nfl. But here's the problem: they try to win with their legs too much. Are mobile qbs a weapon? yes. Are mobile qb's tough to scheme agains? Yep. That's great...but do you know who wins championships? Tom Brady. Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers. Drop back qb's are still the way to win in the NFL. Guys like RGIII (who i LOVE watching play, btw) expose themselves far too much to serious injury. The NFL is even SET UP for you to stay in the pocket and not get crushed. However, too often we see these mobile QB's get outside, rush and BOOM-take a shot to the head, (did you see THIS HIT??) that takes them out of the game forcing a franchise to go to the backup. (skins drafted Kirk Cousins btw as a backup). And one shot is all it takes to end a team's season. I don't need to mention how many times a franchise QB has gone out and taken any superBowl hopes with them. Now..i must mention: yes, i realize dropback QB's can get hurt too. But the injury risk they face? DOES NOT COMPARE to the one that are hunted by linebackers and safties waiting to feast.
RGIII will put up BIG numbers in the NFL for a while, assuming he stays healthy enough to do so. But unless he learns to use his legs ONLY WHEN NEEDED, he won't make it all the way.
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