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Wickett's World - NHL team in Milwaukee?
After a really interesting discussion on the 1250 facebook page, i decided to put my thoughts down on the idea of the NHL in the Brew City (now accepting team names...)
Would an NHL team succeed in Milwaukee? While I don't think the timing is right in 2013, I think its an interesting discussion. The NHL surely doesn't need to expand. This league needs expansion like it needs another lockout. I mean, here's 6 teams i'd cross off the NHL landscape without worry: Phoenix, Tampa, Florida, Carolina, Columbus and one of the teams in California. So coming to Milwaukee is not likely. As a matter of fact, The Blackhawks would have to 1st give the "ok" to allow Milwaukee to have a team in the vicinity. 
But could this town support an NHL team? I don't know. No, the Admirals don't sell out a single game that doesn't include a concert, but they're an AHL team. They're a MINOR LEAGUE TEAM. Would an NBDL sellout in ANY city? Nope. Milwaukee doesn't exactly sell out the BC for Bucks games not involving Lebron or Kobe...or Marquette games when Syracuse, Notre Dame or Georgetown isn't around. Yes, you'd have your core fans but what happens if the local team isn't any good? Would ANYONE go? 
I wonder how the sports dollar would get stretched in the brew city. I'm not saying Milwaukeeans are cheap, let's call them "frugal". The biggest complaint I hear about the Bucks?? Ticket prices are too high. BTW-The Bucks have the CHEAPEST ticket in the NBA, and well, like the NBA, NHL tickets aren't cheap. In comparison, the cheapest Blackhawks ticket is about 85 at the United Center in Chicago, but yes- that's chicago. The cheapest Bulls ticket at Bulls.com?? $61. You and I both know you can get into the BC for a Bucks game cheaper than $61, so Brew City Hockey would be more affordable too. 
Is hockey a draw in Wisconsin? Ummmm....not sure. It surly is in Madison. The Badgers pack the Kohl Center. High school hockey is growing in popularity, but that's HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY. How many hockey fans do you REALLY know? BE HONEST....Not many. Would the allure of an NHL team get out of towners to come downtown? Not a few thousand...18,000?? Would cheeseheads learn the neutral zone trap? Dump & Chase? Icing? Could you embrace Barry Melrose? Hockey night in Canada? wait- let's not get ahead of ourselves. 
Sorry hockey fans. I love the "coolest game on ice" but it's probably a pipe dream to get a team up here. 
Oh and one more thing: Dear NHL, give cable subscribers the NHL Center Ice package for free for the shortened season. It would go a long way to a pissed off fan base that you've cut in half (maybe more) for the 2nd time in 7 years. 
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Wickett's World - 2012 NFL MVP
Wickett's World - 2012 NFL MVP
I don't get a vote, but here's my top 5 for the 2012 NFL MVP.
1) MVP - Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings. He's been there ALL YEAR for a team that really doesn't have much of a passing game or a dominent defense. Fell 9 yards shy of ED's record and did a lot of damage when it counted...all while teams focused on HIM. 
2) Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers. Led the NFL in QB rating (108.0). top 5 in TDs & Completion %, 8th in Yardage and only 8 INT's...all while leading the league in times sacked and having the most drops by a receiving corp IN THE NFL. Imagine if his OL was mediocre.
3) Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions. Broke the single season receiving yardage record held by Jerry Rice since 1995. Oh, and he did it in 1 less game. QUICK!! Name another Lions wide receiver. Nope, Herman Moore is gone. And Matt Stafforrd was AWFUL in 2012 (qb rating under 80)
4) Tom Brady - New England Patriots. He's Tom Brady. Figure it out.  
5) Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos. Denver head coach John Fox basically said, "Peyton-do what you gotta do"....and Peyton did. Taught, installed, grew and executed a new offense in the Mile High City. Why don't i have him higher? Well...not to start a fight...but remember the Tebow haters? They all said the D carried Lefty Jesus to the playoffs...and if I'm not mistaken, Denver's D is pretty good again. (#2 in the NFL in total D)

How's your ballot look compared to mine??

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Wickett's World - I'm afraid of Adrian Peterson.
My 3 biggest fears for the Packers vs Adrian Peterson on Saturday night. 
1) They play WORSE vs Adrian Peterson. Can they? Come on now. Over 400 yards in 2 games? The Packers MUST "contain" AP. How about 165 yards on 25 carries? No more than 3 carries over 12 yards? I know you can't shut him down, but how about SLOWING him down? How? I'd try to use SOMEONE as a spy at all times. Whether that's Charles Woodson or not, i don't know. But they've GOT to slow Peterson down. And they've yet to show they can do that...and what's scary? AP knows it. 
2) They'd rather run. I keep hearing "make Christian Ponder throw". I doubt this happens. Do you really think the Vikings offensive coordinator would take the ball OUT of the (soon to be) MVP's hands? I don't. Running Peterson is just as "quick strike" (vs THIS Packers D) as most teams air attack. If Green Bay is up 2 TD's in the 3rd, I HIGHLY doubt the viqueens will turn away from AP.
3) Special teams? Ok...i hope they're not serious over there. Tackling Peterson out of the backfield with 3-6 yards of a head start is tough enough. Can you imagine getting that guy at full speed? With your special teams unit SPREAD OUT? yikes...holes...lanes...the edge...and if a Packers special teamer is "lucky" enough to have the oppurtunity to go at AP head on??? UMMM.....have you ever seen a car crash?
Sure hope NONE of these come true...more coming tomorrow.
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