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Wickett's World - Sweet 16 picks - DAY 1
Happy Sweet Sixteen! How's your bracket look?? I've got 10 of these 16 in mine... Time for my S16 Day 1 picks! 
3Marquette vs 2Miami
Can "The U" keep rolling? As long as their PG Shane Larkin keeps playing at an "ACC POY" level, they sure can. But, will he handle the pressure of the Golden Eagles? Also, how will the loss of C Reggie Johnson affect Miami in the middle? Gonna be interesting considering MU is one of the best rebounding teams in the tourney. 
Prediction: Vander Blue carries to the Elite 8 Marquette 65 The U 58
6Arizona vs 2ohio state
I almost got my "Iowa State to the S16" pick right (stupid Aaron Craft-aren't you sick of him too?) Oh well...this should be a great matchup. osu's Craft vs AZ's Mark Lyons. Deshaun Thomas VS Solomon Hill
Prediction: I'll take the upset here: Zona 71 suckeyes 65
4Syracuse vs 1Indiana
IU has looked "good" so far...The Cuse has looked "Great" (minus that whole 12 minutes with out a basket thing vs Cal)...Will the SU zone frustrate IU or will Victor Oladipo & Jordan Hulls shoot over the top & get Tom Crean to the E8? Buzz vs Tom Crean would be fun, but....
Prediction: I'll take the SU size/physicality: Syracuse 70 Tan Tom 65
13La Salle 9Wichita St 
According to my bracket, this was supposed to be Wisconsin vs Gonzaga. So i guess i was way off...I LOVE the athleticism of both teams. WSU is a really fun team to watch. Great guard play. I won't lie: I don't know a lot about these two...who does?? Plus "Shockers" = cooler than "Explorers"
Prediction: This isn't VCU from 2 years ago. WSU 71 Lasally 67

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Wickett's World - Ted Thompson is a gambler!
Green Bay General Manager Ted Thompson must be a heck of a gambler. Packers fans, you better hope he's Chris Moneymaker + Phil Ivey + the guy from Rounders. So far, he's let WR Greg Jennings, DB Charles Woodson and WR Donald Driver go. Yes, only 85 REALLY hurts. He allowed the Falcons to steal RB Steven Jackson for a few extra pennies (a position of NEED) And what has he done? Signed LBs Brad Jones & Robert Francois and brought in a backup K who couldn't make the 49ers last year. 
The Packers are really banking on young players (again) to step up like they did in 2010...2011...2012.... I have no idea what's going to happen in the draft (nobody does with TT) but Teddy T's most recent draft picks MUST STAY HEALTHY this year if they hope to get back to the NFC title game and beyond. Right now you can't depend Nick Perry & Jerel Worthy to give you 16 games next year and even if they do, how good are they? I don't even know what their time schedule is at this point. 
Everybody in the NFC North is making moves..well, everybody but Green Bay. We'll have to see how that turns out...We should all still subscribe to "in ted we trust" ...but for how long? 

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Wickett's World - Wisconsin = Most well coached basketball state in America.
Wisconsin = Most well coached basketball state in America. 

These two BOTH deserve coach of the year honors.
Let's start with the Badgers...
If you honestly look at the Big Ten, you can't tell me the Wisconsin Badgers have the TALENT to stack up with the likes of Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State or ohio state. Don't hate me for saying that badgers fans, but be honest. Take off the red & white glasses. Put down the "sconnie" beer mug for a moment (after a big sip of course). They don't have the talent with the best of the Big Ten. But you know what they DO HAVE? The 2012-2013 Big Ten COACH OF THE YEAR. Bo Ryan desveres a TON of credit. UW looked AWFUL in the 1st month of the year without Josh Gasser. He's coached his system, preached defense and despite all of the inuries, free throw struggles and seemingly no offense at times, somehow Bo has this team at the top of the Big Ten. (note-i write this BEFORE the Wisconsin game at msu on 3/7)
Now on to Marquette...
7th. Yep. 7th. That's where Buzz Williams' team was picked to finish in the preaseon in the Big East. Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Georgetown and Pittsburgh were ALL picked to finish ahead of the Golden Eagles. And here we are, less than a week away and MU can smell a Big East title. The last REAL Big East title. Not bad. Buzz has had his struggles this year with some embarrasing performances (Florida/UWGB come to mind)...but this team has come a LONG way. Vander Blue has finally become the player MU fans hoped to see out of Madison Memorial HS. Davante Gardner has been steady all year (and automatic from the FT line). Do they struggle on the road? Yes, but who doesn't? Buzz Williams' team has truly taken us on a journey this year...right to the top of the Big East and there's not doubt he deserves the COACH OF THE YEAR award.
Not too many states in HISTORY have ever had 2 BCS conference Coaches of the year in the same season.
Congrats to Wisconsin: Home of the Big Ten and Big East Coaches of the year. 
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