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Wickett's World - Ryan Braun's no dummy.
Ryan Braun is no dummy. He's actually quite smart. Is he a cheater? Yes. A liar too. And once he realized that he was finally busted, I'm guessing Braun & his team looked at the big picture and reacted intelligently& tactfully. 

Here's my best estimation on what Braun & Co did:

-During/Near Braun's "bereavement" leave, he met with MLB officials
-MLB's evidence was going to lead to a 100 game suspension for Braun.
-Braun pleaded down to a 65 game suspension without appeal. Appeals suck. They cost a lot of money & time. This way MLB can say they "got" the guy who "got" them.

This all makes sense to me for several reasons:

1- Get it out of the way, especially if you know you're guilty. 
2- Be the 1st guy and other busted MLB'ers will take your place in the papers.
3- Losing $3.5 million isn't going to break Braun's bank. A bigger suspension next year when his salary elevates will cost him more money.
4- This Brewers season isn't exactly going well, so why not miss the remainder?
5- Arod's next. (and then about 20 others). He's the big fish in the big pond. That will push Braun's name to the back pages. 
6- Packers season begins Friday (training camp). That means most of the sports media & fans in Wisconsin will focus on Green Bay. 
7- NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, College Basketball seasons are all coming up. National media outlets will pay less & less attention to Braun, especially if he's not appealing the MLB's penalty. 

After all of this & by the time the Brewers open up Spring Training in Maryvale, Braun won't be forgotten, but a lot of the hate & steam will be gone. He & the Brewers can begin the 2014 MLB season with less distraction. There will be questions, scrutiny, etc BUT getting it out of the way will lessen the blow.

Ryan Braun may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. He may ACTUALLY be taking the best route on this one. We'll see...

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wickett's world - Ryan Braun: How SHOULD you feel?
I don't know what to tell you, Milwaukee Brewers fans. I honestly don't. After the suspension came down from MLB, and Ryan Braun was done for the rest of the 2013 season, I immediately wanted to gauge the fan reaction.
The twitterverse blew up. Facebook  exploded. And the reaction? Mixed. Some were angry. Others disappointed. Many were in shock. I can’t tell you how to feel. You need to do that. 
Is Braun a cheater? Yep. Is he a liar? Yep. Do you care? I don’t know. Will you give him a 2nd chance? Not sure. How about on opening day in 2014? We live in a pretty forgiving society so I’m going to guess that MOST Brewers fans will eventually look past this and Braun will be in the good graces of Milwaukee. Notice that I said MOST. Not all of you will…and you know what? You have every right to.
We ALL were in shock in December, 2011 when we heard the news. Most of us thought Braun was telling the truth during his spring training speech in 2012 and we rooted for him to match his 2011 just to say to the haters, “see? We told ya so”. Many still believed him when the news was slipping out during super bowl week this year. And now, it’s official. Ryan Braun is a cheater. Ryan Braun is a liar. Should you forgive Ryan Braun? I can’t make that decision for you. 
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