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Time to forgive Ray?

Super Bowl XLVII talk of the San Fransisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens has been going on all week long. The ultimate hype machine also known as the NFL has taken center stage in America. Compelling story lines such as Harbaugh versus Harbaugh or  is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback are just a couple of them. To me the biggest story line is Ray Lewis, 13 years ago charged in connection with a double murder. Today he is one of the best MLB to play the game and is the prized poster boy of the NFL. I have forgiven Ray for his transgression but i have not forgotten them. What say you?
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Hey Gomer Pyle!

I decided this weekend to go see some good high school basketball, as I normally don’t have a chance to, with the Bucks schedule the way it is. The game I chose to go to was packed, so I was forced to stand in a corner of the gym packed in with others, with everybody trying to see the game action. It was a great atmosphere to see a game to say the very least.

Then during the first half of the game, a fan standing in front of me said to his buddy something along the lines of “They need to quit giving the ball to that Gomer Pyle”. To which there was no reaction from anybody around him until a school staffer turned around and told him he couldn’t be calling students “Gomer Pyle”. I thought the staffer had to be joking, but apparently not, as the fan questioned what was wrong with using the term and acknowledging that he was talking to his friend not yelling it out to the player on the court. The school staffer then asked for security to escort him out of the building, the fan as you could well imagine then really became upset as did the people around us. I couldn’t believe it happened and decided to write this blog.

I’m not the most politically correct person in the world, but at what point do fans get tossed out of games for talking to other fans? Is “Gomer Pyle” some super offensive term that I’m uneducated about? If it means a player that’s not very good, then that fan used the term correctly. If it means something else, please let me know.
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