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Things/People that drive me crazy...

Too many things annoy me. Here's a list. 

·         Random dark hairs on your body
·         Slow drivers, drunk drivers, and texting while driving
·         Slow cars or semi-trucks in the left lane
·         Winter
·         Snow
·         Politics
·         Little League World Series
·         People my age getting married and already having children
·         People with no respect for soccer/golf
·         People who talk WAY too much
·         People who try to over-impress
·         People who cannot communicate
·         People with too many tattoos
·         People with bad breath
·         People with poor priorities
·         People with zero common sense
·         People who graduate from college with POOR writing skills
·         People with mean spirits
·         People with colds
·         People who don’t cover their mouth when sick
·         People who order well-done meat
·         People who tip poorly
·         People who need to force their opinions down your throat no matter what
·         Moldy bread
·         Expiration dates on foods/drinks
·         Obesity
·         Girls no longer appreciating ‘nice guys’ or chivalry
·         Hangovers
·         The Brewers starting rotation
·         The St. Louis Cardinals
·         When things like computers, phones, cameras decide to freeze up or randomly stop working, especially at times when you need them the most...
·         Baldness
·         Over-thinking things
·         Random people deleting you from Facebook
·         Fitness Freaks
·         Being rejected
·         Over-played music
·         Hypocrites
·         The Bucks making stupid signings and bonehead trades
·         Parents that have no control of their kids
·         Parents who set bad examples
·         Parking tickets
·         Missing a short putt on the golf course
·         Duffing shots
·         Stuttering or stumbling in the middle of a sentence (especially if it’s on the air)
·         Serial Killers, terrorists, child molesters, scammers, and thieves (am I missing anybody else?)
·         Women who want ‘bad boys’
·         Stressing out about stupid stuff
·         The NBA Playoffs
·         Laziness
·         Immaturity
·         Being ignored
·         Over-priced beer
·         High Gas prices
·         Liars and cheaters
·         Rocky V (yes, the movie)
·         Cold weather in June
·         Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber…Yeah, their music sucks
·         The degenerate Kardashian Family.
·         The Twilight movies
·         Girls who constantly need to take pictures of themselves every five minutes
·         Illinois drivers
·         Bandwagon fans
·         Buffets
·         Advertisements on Youtube
·         Allergies

There's more where that came from...

Twitter: @RadioJoeZenzola

Until next time, Milwaukee...
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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 3 - PBA Bear Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes

This was it! The final tournament of my GEICO / PBA Summer Swing experience, the Lucas Oil Bear Open. Because of my outings at the Lucas Oil Badger Open & Lucas Oli Wolf Open, all I had to do was string about 120 strikes together and MAYBE, just maybe, I could of done something.

As you can see from the picture above, that didn't happen. Those guys up there are your Top 5 for TONIGHT's 6pm CBS Sports Network Telecast of the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Bear Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes in Wauwatosa, WI.
You can find out more about the telecast and CBS Sports Network...click here.

As for the oil pattern, YES! it was a "bear" but somehow this was my best outing. Maybe it was because I had two other tournaments under me, or maybe it was because I started to pick up spares! I've said it before, I'll say it again... PICK UP YOUR SPARES!!

In the end, I finished 84th outta 100 for the Lucas Oil Bear Open. Overall 80th out of 84 for the Lucas Oil MIlwaukee Open. I'll take it!

It was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget! Made some new friends and earned the respect of the guys I grew up watching on TV, even some of the new guys! Who knows, with even more hard work over the summer, maybe I'll be packing my bags and bowling balls for Las Vegas... We'll see! :)

Before I go, a very big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved. I have the best job in the world, blessed to do it and am grateful for my friends and family who supported me along the way! I got to live out a dream or a "what if", if you will.
What if I woulda joined the PBA when I was 18 and not go into radio?
I have my answer now and lemme just say, it's never to late!
Like the "shwoosh"... JUST DO IT!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Bear Open Tournament Experience.
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Wickett's World - 5 favorite inventions

I was sitting with my buddy Mike the other day having a beer at a bar on Milwaukee’s Eastside. We started talking about what the most important inventions have been in the last 50 years. Well, that’s too far back and there have been a LOT of great things invented since then. I decided to shorten that up. Here are my 5 FAVORITE inventions in the last 15 years.


2- The yellow 1st down marker. Do you remember what watching football was like before it? 

3- Friendster. Did you have it? I didn’t but it led to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I LOVE social networking and Friendster.com was the pioneer.

4- Smart Phones. I remember seeing the 1st Blackberry and watched my boss email from the car. Talk about being blown away. I may have written this blog on my smartphone while setting my DVR in between plays of a football game and tweeting about it. Get it?

5- Red Bull. I just really like red bull. With or without vodka. 

So there you have it…what about your favorites?Write them below so we can compare! Who knows what’s next…but I can’t wait!
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Brewers: If and When

With the season hanging on by a thread, what will Brewers GM Doug Melvin do 'IF' and when he decides to "sell" toward the trade deadline? Let’s take a look at what might be on the Brewers menu when other MLB GM's sit down to dine:
Aramis Ramirez:
Cross your fingers on the health of the knee. Ramirez could draw some pretty decent returns, as he still has 1 year left on the existing contract. A team that grabs him, would obviously use him for their playoff push, but will have him for 2014. That being said, they might decide to deal him prior to the deadline next season, and if they don't, Ramirez could return a draft choice for them. But he would have to spend the entire season of 2014 with that club. Many options to obtain Ramirez for that team...but what's it worth? It might be a nice return for the crew.
Corey Hart:
This situation is a little more confusing, in that his health is a major concern. Would a team pony up much to get him, considering he has not played to date? The crew may have to gamble, offering him a qualifying offer. If he takes it, the Brewers are 'stuck' with him. If he does not, then compensation rules take effect. If he comes back to play a few weeks prior to the deadline, maybe a team will take a chance, but not likely.
Yovani Gallardo:
With Yo under contract for next season, and an option for 2015, this could net the biggest return. If Melvin decides to take the next few seasons to 'rebuild', then does Yo NEED to be here? The return on Yo could be dramatic, and filled with more young rebuilding tools for the crew. There are 10 teams on his 'no trade' list to consider as well. This is maybe, the most interesting trade debate.
Henderson/Axfor/K Rod:
Again, 'if' Melvin is in re-build mode, then 2 of these 3 must go. Their value is pretty good right now. considering you pulled Henderson off the "scrap heap" as a veteran minor leaguer, Melvin needs to get something for Henderson, and in a strange justification, would be "free return" for him. The volatility of John Axford the past year may hurt his value, but the numbers certainly lately have increased any prospective trade value. A closer often times, is one of the final pieces of a rebuild plan. A $5 million 7th or 8th inning pitcher may not be worth it. Melvin should get something decent for Ax if the move is made. K Rod, on the other hand, is an interesting situation. He is indeed at the tail end of his career, and the crew should simply get what they can get, as soon as they can.
Michael Gonzalez:
A veteran lefty specialist WILL warrant some trade value. What team WOULDN'T want him? His numbers look good, and an AA prospect is NOT out of the question. Potentially a 3rd base minor leaguer would be what I would look for.
Tom Gorzelanny:
A reliever that’s having a very good year that is under contract for next season. Probably a guy I would keep, and move him next season, but answer the phone on him. Melvin may get an offer he can't refuse.
Yuni B.:
Take what you can get, anything, any level of the minors. I doubt there is much value, considering his recent numbers, but we can always hope the crew gets something for him.
Rickie Weeks:
Money may have to be involved in an attempt to move Weeks. Melvin, if Weeks is in a specific trade conversation, will have to be included. It's not out of the question to move him for decent young talent, but my guess is that the crew would have to pay some of the salary the next year or so. Would be a dramatic move is Melvin pulls the trigger on such a fan favorite.
Martin Maldonado:
There is probably going to be some interest from other teams for Martin. However, with him under team control, I don't think he will be moved. He does have value, but he may have more value for the crew being Lucroy’s back up. He’s the insurance policy if Luc gets hurt. It would surprise me if he is moved.
Nori Aoki:
Value here for sure. There is an option for next season, and it's a decent deal, but Logan Schafer is here, and could take over in right if needed. Melvin needs to ask himself if Nori is part of the future, and if the answer is no, then get a nice young prospect for him. I think he is worth that for sure, despite his age.
Juan Francisco:
This could be a player that is a package deal. ONLY if there is a young 3rd Baseman involved. Watching the TV show 'Pickers', they like to "bundle" things together. Francisco would be part of a "bundle" move for Melvin. Young at 25, it's not a bad gamble to hang on to him either, just to see if it "clicks" with him. If it does, Melvin got a steal when he acquired him.
*As you can see above, Brewers GM Doug Melvin has options...and A LOT OF THEM! IF, and I said IF he decides to rebuild, he has the value to do it. If that happens, let’s all talk about it. Smile Milwaukee, the world Will Smile Back!!
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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 2 - PBA Wolf Open from AMF West Lanes

After my STELLAR outting at the Lucas Oil Badger Open, I took a couple of days to rest, relax and re-group and let me tell you I needed it!

There is this video at PBA.com titled, "What Do You Tell People That Say Bowling Is Not A Sport." In said video, one of the greatest bowlers of our time, and a guy I was paired with during Badger qualifying, Norm Duke says something to the accord of loving bowling so much, you hate it sometimes!

That's how I felt after the physical and mental circus that was Round 1 of the PBA Summer Swing. I know I can bowl, I've made whatever spare a million times, etc, but with the difficult oil pattern, pressure of the situation and the GREATEST bowlers in the world!? You learn LOTS and FAST!!

So, with one tourney in the books, this second tourney should be a peice of cake! Right? You'd think, but these guys are GOOD! And the guys in the picture above are REALLY GOOD! They are your Top 5 for TONIGHT'S, 6pm, CBS Sports Network Telecast of the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes in Wauwatosa! To find CBS Sports Network in your area, click here.

How did I do? Well, at least I wasn't last! :) 85th outta 90 for the Lucas Oil Wolf Open.
You can watch my trials and tribulations below... For scores...click here.

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open Tournament Experience.

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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 1 - PBA Badger Open from AMF Waukesha

A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to try and compete against the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World" at AMF Waukesha Lanes in the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing!

I wish I could be saying, "Hey! Watch for me tonight on the CBS Sports Network as I make my Pro Bowler debut on Lucas Oil Badger Open!", but sadly, I didn't make the cut. Didn't even come close! Though the 5 guys above did and will compete for the top spot starting TONIGHT at 6pm on CBS Sports Network. Don't know what channel? Click here to find out!

So what IS it like competing again the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World"? Lemme tell you, I worked so hard on the physical game that my mental game almost fell by the wayside.

PODCAST / LISTEN: You can hear an ENTIRE recap of my experience in the season finale of the Spare/Time Bowling Show...click here.

Bowling with the big names? No problem! Walter Ray Willimas Jr. politely telling me to, "JUST BOWL!" when I was taking to long, I can handle that. Missing spares though, is the death of not just me, but any bowler out there! And when you miss a spare against the big dogs, you're just giving away pins and you keep digging yourself into a hole, a hole that gets big fast if you're not paying attention!

In the end, I took 82nd out of 84th! Took lots away from this first tournament and got ready to do it all again a few days later for the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open at AMF West Lanes. I'll bring that to you next week before the next telecast!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Badger Open Tournament Experience.

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