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Wickett's World - I've learned nothing so far.

I've learned nothing so far...

Before you completely agree with me and blast me for not learning anything, hear me out.

When it comes to the Wisconsin Badgers football team, we've learned nothing. They're 3-2, with wins agains the worst team in the Big Ten and 2 W's vs a TERRIBLE fbs team & an FCS team. They lost on a fluke play at Arizona State and fell to the buckeyes in c-bus. To me that doesn't mean much. Does this mean they're TERRIBLE? No. Not by any shot. But to tell me that they're at the top of the Big Ten? Not yet. Wisconsin is GOOD. Not GREAT. Combine the 3 teams they've beaten? UMASS + TT + Purdue = 4-10 (3 for TT). The showing at osu was good. Hanging with th #4 team in the country? That's impressive. And I hear "A muffed punt and 1 hail mary and we win that game"!! ...sure, but you can't take that away. They happened. Great teams don't make those mistakes. Again, the Badgers aren't GREAT...they're good. 

The running attack was taken away by ohio state, and QB Joel Stave responded with perhaps his best performance as the Wisconsin signal caller. The front 7 played well. The secondary? Well...And Kyle French? That missed fg changed a lot in that game.

Now they've got 2 weeks to get ready for Northwestern. At Camp Randall. On Homecoming. That's a darn good NW team. One that I've got ahead of Bucky right now. Maybe the Badgers will prove me wrong...but like you, I'm still trying to figure this team out...and I've learned nothing so far.

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Week 3 Results

1.) Ramie - Chi RB Matt Forte - 17.10 pts
2.) Sparky - Min RB Adrian Peterson - 15.50 pts
3.) Shane - Cin QB Andy Dalton - 14.70 pts
4.) Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 14.16 pts
5.) LeRoy - Sea RB Marshawn Lynch - 6.90 pts

Season Standings
Gary - 22 pts
Listeners - 22 pts
Sparky - 18 pts
Ramie - 18 pts
LeRoy - 10 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 10 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 8 pts, 3rd place - 6, 4th place - 4, and 5th place - 2.
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Wickett's World - 6 pack! week 3!

After a rough 1-5 week one, i bounced back to go 3-3 in week 2 and I'm looking for a good week 3! 
Purdue @ Wisconsin -24
1 of 2 things can happen here: 1- Bucky can't shake the #SunDevilScrewJob from last week and lets Purdue hang around. 2- Gary Andersen gets this team to put ASU in the rear view mirror and focus on their Big Ten opener. I'll take the latter. Badgers roll 40-14

Michigan State @ Notre Dame -5 1/2
For some reason, the road team does really well in this series. So...i'll take Sparty 27-20.

Tennessee @ Florida -16
The Gators defense is GREAT. The offense? Not so much. The Vols were just embarrassed by Oregon. That should fuel them enough to stay close to the gators...right? Florida 27 Tenn 20
Packers -4 at Bengals
Two teams with deep postseason aspirations and lots of weapons...i'll take the guys with the better QB. Dalton & CO. can't keep up. Packers win 27-21.

Giants -3 @ Carolina
NY lost the 1st two games in 2007 but won the Super Bowl. They've dropped their 1st two in 2013. Carolina has lost their 1st 2 by a COMBINED 6 pts. Eli gives em a TD. I like the Panthers here 20-16.
Rams at Cowboys -1.5
St. Louis has plenty of weapons to ruin Jerry Jones' day. And they will. The Cowboys aren't great at home (18-14 at Jerry World). Rams pull the upset & we hear how bad Dallas is 30-14
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Week 2 Results

1.) Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 34.90 pts
2.) Sparky - Phi RB LeSean McCoy - 16.70 pts
3.) Adam (East Side) - Chi RB Matt Forte - 14.10 pts
4.) Leroy - Min RB Adrian Peterson - 8.70 pts
5.) Ramie - Bal RB Ray Rice - 2.50 pts

Season Standings
Gary - 18 pts
Listeners - 16 pts
Sparky - 10 pts
Ramie - 8 pts
LeRoy - 8 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 10 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 8 pts, 3rd place - 6, 4th place - 4, and 5th place - 2.

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Wickett's World - 6 pack! week 2!

Since i totally killed it last week (1-5) here's my 6 pack of picks for the weekend!!
#20 Wisconsin @ Arizona State -5
Badgers ground game keeps this close but the spread has cause UW problems AND Big Ten teams are 0-8 at Sun Devil Stadium. ASU 27 UW 24
#16 UCLA @ #23 Nebraska -4.5
UCLA rolled up over 650 yards on offense against Nebraska last year. The Blackshirts have shown NO signs of improvement (see: week 1 vs Wyoming) UCLA 36 Nebraska 30
#1 Alabama -8 @ #6 Texas A&M
I hate Nick Saban & Alabama...but I can't root for Johnny Football. The Crimson Tide are angry after losing to A&M last year. ROOOOOLLLLL TIDE 35 - 17 (side note- the hypocrisy of this game is insane. The ONLY reason Johnny Manziel is on this team still is because the NCAA wants TV ratings/$$$.)
Redskins @ Packers -7
Everyone thinks blowout...i think RG3 gain3d confid3nce in the gam3 vs the 3agl3s. Pack3rs win, but th3ir s3condary still has probl3ms. GB 26 Wash 21
Vikings @ Bears -6
Lose this one and the Vikings could be out of the NFC north race before October.  Get ready for a heavy dose of AP, Chicago. Bears still too good to lose this at home. CHI 27 MIN 24

49ers @ Seahawks -3
GREAT way to end the weekend. Lots of hitting. Pain. PHYSICAL game. SF grinds out a win in a slugfest. Kaepernick over his video game buddy Russell Wilson 20-14
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