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Week 12 Results

Ramie - SD QB Phillip Rivers - 27.78 pts
Sparky - NE QB Tom Brady - 23.76 pts
LeRoy - Car QB Can Mewton - 21.06 pts
Gilbert - Det QB Matthew Stafford - 20.48 pts
Listener - Min RB Adrian Peterson - 18.80 pts

Gary - Den QB Peyton Manning - 13 pts

Season Standings
Ramie - 88 pts
Gary - 82 pts
LeRoy - 80 pts
Listeners - 74 pts
Sparky - 74 pts
Gilbert - 72 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 12 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 10 pts, 3rd place - 8, 4th place - 6, 5th place - 4, .and 6th place - 2
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Week 11 Results

LeRoy - Sea RB Marshawn Lynch - 24.30 pts
Ramie - Was QB Robert Griffin III - 23.96 pts

Gilbert - Phi QB Nick Foles - 22.62 pts
Listener - NO QB Drew Brees - 15.10 pts
Gary - Den QB Peyton Manning - 14.92 pts
Sparky - NYG QB Eli Manning - 14.46 pts

Season Standings
Gary - 80 pts
Ramie - 76 pts
LeRoy - 72 pts
Listeners - 70 pts
Sparky - 64 pts
Gilbert - 64 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 12 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 10 pts, 3rd place - 8, 4th place - 6, 5th place - 4, .and 6th place - 2
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Wickett's World - Klupchak's Corner - MU Blog after 2 games

Here's Zach Klupchaks' latest Marquette Blog!!!

"After two Marquette games we've seen two different Marquette teams play. We saw Marquette struggle in the first  game to put up points.  They only made 13 baskets the entire game.  And the second game was on the complete  opposite side of the spectrum putting up 114 points.  Although Grambling State hasn't won a game in over a year, 114 points is still pretty impressive seeing that was the first time they have done that since 2010 against  Mississippi Valley State (102-77).  So through the first two games this is what stood out to me the most:

Free Throws: The charity stripe hasn't been kind to MU over the first two games shooting below 65% in both.  The  first game they put up a remarkable 53 attempts, but only made 33.  And in game number 2 they put up only 31, but managed to make only make 19.  The combined percentage through two games is an abysmal 62%. If the poor shooting continues at the line, you will see games lost by this team because they didn't take advantage of the freebies.   And with all the fouls being called because of the new rules, it is imperative they start converting on those free points.

Derrick Wilson has not shown he's the answer at point guard: I know it's only been two games, but what I've seen  so far doesn't make me confident in his abilities to be the number 1 guy.  In two games Derrick has taken two  shots and scored one point.  I know Derrick isn't an explosive offensive player, but he at least has to attempt to  look like he can score.  He has had open looks, but passes them up and I have yet to see him try to drive to the  basket.  I don't care if he misses, I would rather have him take shot to keep his defender honest.  If he doesn't  shoot, it then becomes 4 on 5 offensively and that will not work against a good team.  His turnover to assist ratio isn't bad. He has 13 assists and only 3 turnovers, but a bulk of his assists (9) came in the second half against Grambling State. He needs to show me more from the beginning.  John Dawson subbed in at point for Wilson,  and honestly I felt he did a better job running the offense.  The biggest thing was that Dawson was not afraid to put up a shot, and by driving hard to the basket he was able to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Right now I feel more comfortable with freshman running the point than I do Derrick, and that worries me.

Deonte Burton is the best freshman so far: Burton's physicality has him the most ready for the physical beating  that occurs in Big East play.  His ability of getting to the basket and making some pretty tough shots has been  really exciting to see.   He is really good at creating his own shots, which is really important after the first game when only 3 guys really scored for Marquette. Burton put up 14 points and 6 rebounds against Grambling State.  His instincts so far to find a way to the basket have really been impressive. Buzz even said he reminds him of Crowder in that Burton is able to create his shot when nothing is there.  If Burton can continue to develop his game, he could earn some major minutes down the road.

The big test will come on Saturday against Ohio State, but through two games Marquette has shown us there's some talent here.  The success will depend on how quickly they can put it together."

~Zach Klupchak - WSSP
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Confused about the Bucks?

Are you confused on how to feel about the recent Bucks news?

 Let's start with the Carlos Delfino news that he more then likely will be out for the season, even though the Bucks are holding out hope apparently that he will return. Larry Sanders gets into a nightclub fight and apparently tears a ligament in his thumb and will now miss approximately six weeks. Ersan continues to battle an ankle injury, that doesn't appear to be getting any better. Luke Rindour has suffered back spasms for weeks and has received multiple cortizone shots for it and has yet to play in a regular season game. Yet the Bucks are just five games into the season and sit at two and three on the season and OJ Mayo has played really well the last couple games, while the Bucks second round choice Nate Wolters continues to impress at the point guard position. 

 So what do you make of what the season is looking like? I've seen that many think that the Bucks will get what most have wanted for a long time, which is just a horrendous win loss record that in turn gives the Bucks a shot at a top five pick in the NBA Draft. I don't agree that the roster is that bad, if Mayo goes down to a long term injury next, then I will start to believe that they do have a shot at one of the worst records in the league. I still believe that this roster is capable of 30+ wins this season and that is simply not bad enough to be a top five draft pick. What do you think?
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Week 10 Results

LeRoy - NO QB Drew Brees - 31.68 pts
Sparky - Den QB Peyton Manning - 27.10 pts
Listener (Dan, South) - Phi QB Nick Foles - 22.92 pts
Gary - Det QB Matthew Stafford - 19.66 pts
Ramie - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 16.82 pts
Gilbert - GB RB Eddie Lacy - 8.40 pts

Season Standings
Gary - 76 pts
Ramie - 66 pts
Listeners - 64 pts
Sparky - 62 pts
Gilbert - 56 pts
LeRoy - 56 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 12 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 10 pts, 3rd place - 8, 4th place - 6, 5th place - 4, .and 6th place - 2
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Add it to the Bucket List!

  I was fortunate enough to have attended the World Series of Bowling V last weekend in Las Vegas at South Point Casino. As I've said in the past, this event is a bucket list item for any diehard PBA fan, it's simply unmatched by anything else you will ever experience. You have the best in the world from Sean Rash to Pete Weber to Wes Malot who you can meet at anytime during your stay at the South Point. Pete Weber and his wife just sitting at a machine playing the slots or video poker after he just got done playing in a TV taping finals. That's pretty cool!

  The other thing you get to see are the new things that the PBA is bringing each year before everybody else does. For instance, this year the PBA has brought blue dyed oil to the lanes. PBA bowlers can now see where the oil is on the lane, this is history in the making. The average bowler sitting at home, thinking they bowl on the same patterns as the pros do are now going to see that don't. This new feature to the PBA tour should help immensely to showing people just what the professionals are up against each and every show. 

  This year you might have also met former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens walking around the casino, as he was trying to qualify for World Series of Bowling V. It was a struggle for T.O. but lessons were learned and he will be back again to give it another try. I had a chance to do an interview with him while I was there and you'll hear that later this season on the Spare/Time Bowling Show on Sportsradio 1250, WSSP. 

If you missed it this year, don't miss it next year!
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What's sexy to you?

Alright...let's talk what you think is the sexiest look on the opposite gender? In our building, the one thing that tends to gain the most attention from us guys is women wearing boots. Let's be honest, don't most men love women wearing boots? I know I do. Ramie certainly does. Matt on the other hand doesn't. As you know Gary Ellerson has created our little segment each day on ESPN's Wendi Nix, in which we deem her "hot or not". Most of the time anytime she wears boots, she's deemed "hot". The other thing that tends to get her the "hot" label is when she's wearing a skirt that's showing some leg. Don't most guys like some leg showing? Maybe I'm crazy, but those two things seem the most obvious to me. What do you like?
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Wickett's World - Marquette Preview!

Our own Zach Klupchak will blog about the Marquette Golden Eagles all year! Here's his 1st installment:

Marquette opens the season tonight with one big question.  Who’s going to replace 48% of their offense left from Junior, Vander, and Lockett? Stop me if you haven’t heard that before from a Marquette team.  It seems every year Buzz Williams has to find a way to replace major holes left from players leaving, but with Blue’s abrupt departure this time seems different.  

The good news is Buzz has his best recruiting class to date with Duane Wilson, Jajuan Johnson, and Deonte Burton, all top 100 recruits, who will look to make an impact quickly.  Buzz will also return one of the best front courts in the country with Chris Otule and Davante Gardner and wings Jamil Wilson, Juan Anderson, Steve Taylor will look to improve on their success from last year.  

The two guard positions will be were the most questions will come from. For the time being it looks like junior guard Derrick Wilson will run the point replacing Senior Junior Cadougan.   Derrick has shown to be a great defender in his career so far, but his offense has been mostly non-existent.  Buzz has already said he has begun to trust Derrick like he did Junior and with the injury to freshman Duane Wilson, Buzz will have to trust him even more.  

The shooting guard position will be a battle between Jake Thomas and Todd Mayo to start out, but look for freshman Jajuan Johnson to push for minutes soon.  Buzz has said Johnson has been the most impressive freshman so far.  This team has the potential to be as deep as or deeper than last year.  And last year’s team was able to play ten deep by the end of the season.  The biggest challenge for Buzz to start off will be to find the right combination of players who fit well together and who will be able to put up the points left behind from Vander.

 I honestly don’t see why this team can’t be as good as last years.  They have returned everyone but three and have added a deep freshman class.  As long as they can figure out the guard position and their front court stays healthy they have enough talent to make another late season run like in years past and with Buzz still the coach it will be tough to bet against that.

~Zach Klupchak
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Week 9 Results

Gary - NE QB Tom Brady - 33.18 pts
Ramie - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 24.84 pts
Listener (Ryan, Waterford) - 21.28 pts
Sparky - Dal QB Tony Romo - 21.28 pts
LeRoy - Sea RB Marshawn Lynch - 14.10 pts
Gilbert - KC QB Alex Smith - 5.66 pts

Season Standings
Gary - 70 pts
Ramie - 62 pts
Listeners - 56 pts
Gilbert - 54 pts
Sparky - 52 pts
LeRoy - 44 pts

Points are awarded based on a standard non-PPR basis. The first place finisher for the week gets 12 pts in the season standings, 2nd place - 10 pts, 3rd place - 8, 4th place - 6, 5th place - 4, .and 6th place - 2
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