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Thoughts on 1st Round Pick
People have been asking me about the Packers first round pick Datone Jones on twitter. I thought I would give you my opinion here in a blog. Good pick for the Packers - seems like Ted Thompson finally picked a defensive lineman that fits the Dom Capers 3/4 system. Fast and quick, can play up and down the defensive line. Red flag for me is the broken foot a couple of years ago. The packers want him to add some weight which is never a good thing when you have foot problems. Played at about 285 but at personal workout weighed in about 277. Overall though I think it is a pick the Packer needed to make with Jeral Worthy out, an aging Ryan Picket, and BJ Raji in a contract year. In Ted We Trust. I would like to hear your thoughts today here or on The Big Show! 
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My Draft Day Experience
I remember draft day like it was yesterday. Some scout from the Dallas Cowboys came in town the night before and took me and my then girlfriend, soon to be wife, Cathy out to dinner. The next day he wanted to come over and watch the draft with me. I then asked him "are the Cowboys planning on drafting me?"  He said no but I was on their list as one of there top free agents and he wanted to sign  me immediately after the draft. Back then the draft was 12 rounds. So I settled in, he bought food and drinks, and I thought it was cool that I didn't have to spend any money. Well by the 6th round I asked this guy "why don't you guys just draft me?". He said I would be cheaper as a free agent. Well the Packers called in the 7th round, and Lee  Remel told me that the Packers were about to draft me.  He then asked me if was I alone, so I told him some guy is here from the Cowboys. Lee asked to speak to him, the guy got off the phone and just left without saying bye. Well the next voice I heard on the phone was Forrest Gregg.  He said "Gary are you happy to be Packer?" Of course I said I was happy!  I was just happy to get drafted by anybody. My best friend and roommate Ken Stills went to the Packers in the 8th round, and former Badger teammate Randy Wright was already a Packer. I thought it was a great fit for me. Stills and I drove up to Green Bay the following week for rookie minicamp where we met the rest of out draft class - Ken Ruettgers , Rich Moran, Brian Noble and "always open "Walter Stanley.  
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I get it finally!
    Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Mark Murphy's model for building and sustaining a successful organization is through the draft. They also believe in developing and resigning there own players to big contracts instead of signing free agents to big deals.
   This year Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews are prime examples of that philosophy. Moving forward the Packers will build this organization around those two players, each poised to be the highest paid at there position.
  While we watch other teams go after FA  such as Seattle and San Fran., neither of these teams has a franchise type Quaterback yet or a defensive player of Mathews talent. Free agency, really since its inception, has been a bust for a lot of teams - Washington and Philly come to my mind right away. The Packers hit it big with the Reggie White signing and that move put the Packers back on the map. Draft and develop Is the mantra around 1265 Lombardi and I get it finally.

  We will always make the playoffs and if we get hot at right time we get to another Super Bowl!
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