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How to enjoy meaningless baseball...by a Cubs fan
The Packers reported for training camp this week and I get the feeling that many a Brewers fan is going back to their ways of the pre-Attanasio/Melvin era and that is to say checking out on the their ballclub well before their final game, October 3rd against the Padres, now that they've fallen out of playoff contention.  As a Cubs fan, and someone who's only had a playoff push to entertain me once every 5-7 years of my entire life, let me help you out and give you a few things to hold your interest, at least until the NFL regular season is in full swing.

The Drama
Between now and July 31st, the most entertaining thing about the Brewers may not be on the field, but rather what Doug Melvin does before the trade deadline.  He has a lot of pieces that could draw interest with contending teams and I'm curious to see if he'll rebuild or re-load.  We all know the list of usual suspects that are on the block due to expiring contracts, starting of course with Zack Greinke.  What may tell whether Melvin is planning a quick turnaround back to contention or a long-term rebuild is what he does with Aramis Ramirez and Corey Hart, who have reportedly drawn some interest.  If either (or both) of those guys is moved, it may be a while before this Brewers team plans on contending.

Be a baseball fan
Even though the games don't mean much, I still enjoy breaking the game down and analyszing a manager's moves, etc.  Also, I just appreciate great baseball talent, which you have in left-field on a day-in day-out basis.  Not to mention the talent that will come into Miller Park or on your television screen.  The Nats with youg phenom Bryce Harper blossoming before our eyes are at Miller Park as I write this.  The Reds will Bring Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Aroldis Chapman to town.  and we'll see the Pirates a few more time with Andrew McCutcheon in the midst of a break-out (potentially MVP) season.  Obviously, you don't want to see these guys beat your team, but that doesn't mean that as soon as you sit down when you'e done booing, you can't say to yourself or the person seated next to you, "Did you see that!?!".  I've always said I can look at somebody in my rival's unifrom and say "Damn that guy is good!.  Why does he have to be on that team!?!" (i.e Brett Favre)

The Ballpark Experience
I have never and will never be apologetic for enjoying a day at Wrigley Field.  Go ahead call it the biggest beer garden in the world. Since when is Baseball supposed to be miserable or boring? Yes, I'm there for the baseball, but it also helps when a ballpark is pleasant and a fun place to be on a summer day.  And you have that right here in Milwaukee, in Miller Park.  Appreciate it, enjoy it, and then take a shuttle to one of the local establishments and enjoy your night as well.  If baseball being fun is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

So enjoy the rest of this season...if you can.

Hope I helped!
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