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Fantasy Football Pledge of Allegiance
I, (state your name) hereby solemnly swear to draft to the best of my ability, to be on time,  to pay on time, and to avoid, at all costs being "phone guy" at any and all drafts. I will maintain integrity, and I will show fantasy football intelligence through research and hard work, NOT by picking up a magazine on the way to my draft. I will continue to 'dish' out trash talk, however take it with dignity and respect. Under no circumstances will I engage in financial collusion with ANY other player within my league. This includes products, goods, services, and value meals. I will respect my commissioner, regardless of how intelligent he may be. Furthermore, if records indicate in any one season, that I am mathematically eliminated from playoff action, I swear to do what is best for my team, as well as my league, as it affects my fellow fantasy players.  Additionally, I hereby promise to maintain self control, and in NO WAY-SHAPE-and FORM will I resort to physical violence. I agree to EACH leagues goal, to integrate more and more females into the sport of fantasy football, especially when they rate a '7 or above' on the 1 to 10 scale. I will follow each rule, as stated in league bi-laws. I will strongly oppose 'auto drafting'. Moreover, I will agree to a 'no trade clause' with any family member or significant other, within my league. Finally, I will not willfully wish injury upon any Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, or defensive player, as fantasy football karma will swiftly and harshly be applied to my own players.  The following fantasy football pledge is made with liberty, and fantasy football justice for ALL.
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