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Can you dig it?
Now that the Brewers first month of the season is over, the "Digging Is Done"! After the 2-8 start, the Crew has dug themselves out of a hole and into a competitive situation. Certainly rattling off 9 victories in a row has helped, but the season has settled in, and the Brewers can move on from here. Starting pitching and the bullpen has stabilized, and now it's time to work on the offense. Injuries to both Corey Hart and Aramis Ramirez have hurt, but couple that with slow starts by Weeks, Lucroy and Braun and you find yourself in an unfavorable position.
Think about the line-up when healthy:
RF Aoki
SS Segura
LF Braun
3B Ramirez
1B Hart
C Lucroy
2B Weeks
CF Gomez
THIS line-up is scary for opposing pitchers. The crew needs to tread water until then, but the offense as is, CAN be better. Looks like a fun and competitive season is about to heat up. Smile Milwaukee, the World Will Smile Back!
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Yo's Not Alone!
Drunk driving has, and continues to kill in America. Just read your local newspapers and you'll find that EVERY night people are cited for DUI. Society continues to think it's alright to get behind the wheel after drinking. Why? You jeopardize your safety, and more importantly, the safety of others. I know we all make mistakes, but we all make choices too. STOP DRUNK DRIVING!!!

Here's an 'All DUI TEAM', not to make light of drunk drivers, but to continue to call them on the carpet for stupidity:

*The following list of players and their DUI arrests were obtained through public record.

CF Shin-Soo Choo
2B Adam Kennedy
3B Miguel Cabrera
C Darren Dalton
1B John Jaha
LF Coco Crisp
RF Austin Kearns
SS Scott Spiezio
P Yovani Gallardo
Manager: Tony LaRussa

Carlton Fisk
Todd Helton
Mark Grace
Daryl Strawberry
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Too Early!
How early is it? Early enough to hit the panic button? Early enough for a classic 'Tim allen Rant'? A big resounding TOOOOO EARLY!! Injuries have played a prevalent role through the first home stand of the season. Some say you cannot use injuries as an excuse, I say HOGWASH, YES you can. Gammel, Hart, Ramirez, and Braun all out of the last couple of games has crushed this team. It goes deeper than the offense that is missing in action, it effects the overall attitude and confidence as well. Not to say that pitchers should stop giving up runs, but it DOES have an effect. Starters should be going longer, and that certainly will help the bullpen. The starters WILL settle in, the bullpen will get some relief, and the injuries WILL heal...won't they? Still way too early to call this a snake bitten season, so hang in there Brewers fans, they will get better. There is way too much talent on this team. Smile Milwaukee, the World WILL Smile Back.
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