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I've lost some respect for Russell Wilson
I hope Russell Wilson saw the instant replay when he got home last night.
I have had admired this player since he came to Wisconsin. Playing quarterback at NC State and being a talented second baseman for the Colorado Rockies minor league system, Russell Wilson is the definition of an ‘athlete’. And while his athleticism has proved wonders, he’s only 5’11 in a sport that demands size. Moreover, he earned his undergraduate degree at NC State in just three years. After transferring to Madison just a couple of months before the football season started, they made him a team captain. If you follow him on Twitter, you learn he is religious man; many of his tweets come from scripture. He’s always well dressed for interviews, and has more positives than negatives to share with the media. Did I mention he’s married?
Russell Wilson needs to come to his senses, though.
Wilson is humbled to be playing in one of the greatest sporting leagues in the world. He also knows that his actions on and off the field have consequences. The last thing Wilson wants is to say something he is going to regret…Well? Does he regret what he said last night?
When asked if he was 100% sure Golden Tate caught that TD, Wilson replied in the post game presser, “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” That comment followed with the some laughter from the media.
In a Yahoo Sports article by Michael Silver, RB Marshawn Lynch saw the instant replay at a Seattle restaurant, along with family and friends after the game. According to the article, somebody at the table said “We didn’t win that game.” Then, while waiting for his ride on Second Avenue, Lynch told passing Packer fans that their team ‘would bounce back from this bitter defeat’ in a rather apologetic tone. If one leader on this football team knows the truth, why can’t the other leader see it as well?
I’ve lost some respect Russell Wilson. How can you take credit for that TD pass? As much as he’s filled with joy that his team won a big game against a tough opponent, he cannot be thrilled that the replacement refs did not make the correct call. After all, this was perhaps the worst call in NFL history. If Wilson is at smart as what he appears, he should be honest with all of us by using his brain to guide his heart. Based on all of his outstanding values and traits, how can Russell Wilson be this out of touch?
While the city of Seattle watches his every move, Wilson needs to keep an eye on himself. It’s important that he keeps a positive and likeable image both in the locker room and towards his fans. Maybe he’s too concerned about damaging that image. Not to mention, Matt Flynn is breathing down his neck. Does he want to deal with any of that controversy? I don’t blame him that he wants to keep the peace, but reality is reality. That was an INT by M.D. Jennings. The simultaneous catch rule is simply a loophole. The replay showed it.
And now the NFL has come out and said they won’t overturn the final play. It gives the Seahawks more ammunition to say they won that game fair and square. Truthfully, it’s not fair.
While he’s a man filled with integrity, spirit, and athleticism, Russell Wilson, ironically, is blinded by the truth. I hope he forfeits some of the comments he made last night. I hope he speaks from the heart with help from his brain. I hope he shows the world who Russell Wilson really is.
By the way, this was a great feature story about Russell Wilson’s life by Elizabeth Merrill of espn.com. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/page/hotread-russell-wilson/seattle-seahawks-qb-russell-wilson-measured-more-just-height. Perhaps this source will further prove how outstanding and intelligent this man really is.
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Until next time, Milwaukee…
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Isn't it better to be the underdog?
We were fooled by the Packers last season. A 15-1 record should automatically punch you a ticket to the Super Bowl. The Packers had it made in the shade, not to mention playing a dysfunctional Giants team at Lambeau Field. Our expectations as media and fans alike were all the same – the Packers are too good to be knocked out this early in the playoffs. This team was destined for their second straight Super Bowl without a shadow of a doubt. Did it happen? There’s no point in answering that question…That season stabbed us in the hearts.
When we raise the bar so high on a team, we expect perfection. As the season comes to fruition and our team leads in the standings, we’re convinced even further that we can taste a championship.
The wool was pulled over our eyes, so to speak. Yes, we knew the Packers’ defense suck, considering losing only one game a year ago. But with an overstocked, high-powered offense, led by one of the best quarterbacks in the league, how can you not pick against them? Then, when those high expectations burned down in flames last season, Wisconsinites were enraged! We begin over-analyzing, blaming, defaming, and criticizing everybody from the GM to the waterboy. What does that gain? It doesn’t make us better fans; rather, it gives us a reality check.
It scares the hell out of me when my favorite team is almost too good. I was worried when the Packers were 15-1 with a first round bye. My expectation was this – if they don’t win the Super Bowl, this season was a failure. And sure enough, it was. Winning the NFC North doesn’t cut it.
You can’t stay perfect forever, and for the Packers, their close to perfect season came to an end at an unexpected time against an unexpected foe. The Giants were the underdogs, and they came on top.
Two years ago, though, the Packers were the underdogs. To recap, the Packers needed to win their final two games of the season just to get into that final wild card spot. Then, they had to go on the road against Philly, Atlanta, and Chicago just to get to Dallas for the Super Bowl. How high were the expectations then in the Philly game? Most believed the Packers didn’t stand a chance.
Known as the magic carpet ride, the Packers defeated the NFC’s best, silenced critics around the country, and earned their first Super Bowl in 14 years. What were Packers’ fans thinking during this amazing run? Most fans would not have been upset if the Packers fell in the playoffs, just for the simple reason that it was near impossible to beat three straight teams to get to the Super Bowl. For the record, nothing is impossible.
Had the Packers not made the Super Bowl in 2011, fans might have been upset with the season as a whole, instead of losing in the playoffs. Most fans and media would have had the “Go get ‘em again next season” attitude. At least that would stir up some optimism.
Now, I want to transition to the Milwaukee Brewers.
Is this really happening? Two and a half games back? If you thought the Packers’ run was close to impossible, this run by the Brewers could be historic. Thank you, Mr. Selig for this second wild card spot. While I believe the two wild card spots should duke it out in a three game series, instead of a one game sudden death, this format makes September more exciting than ever.
The Brewers are clearly the underdogs in this whole thing, and we as fans/media are savoring the moment. No matter what happens to the Brew Crew in the next two weeks, one thing is for certain…We will not be embarrassed. Unlike the Packers 15-1 embarrassment, anything goes for this Brewers team. Whether they make the postseason or not, we will have enjoyed the run, considering being 13 games back well over a month ago.
In short, we hate our team more when the expectations are so high and they fail (even if they do win their division. Division titles, I’m sorry, aren’t good enough).
We love our team when they defy the odds and pull off the unthinkable, even though we know their expectations of becoming champions are slim to none.
As the old cliché saying goes, ‘It’s not over until it’s over.’ The Brewers have a lot in front of them. Theoretically, they could tie with more than one team for that final wild card spot at the end of the season, defeat them, then battle the Braves, beat them, and then go on the road against the Nationals for the NLDS.
Talk about it being a true underdog! Besides, being the underdog makes a better story, and ESPN will gobble it up.
Enjoy the run the Brewers are making…at this point, we can’t be upset with what this team has, or what Doug Melvin has done. Save that for next season. The Brewers have resurrected from the dead and are ready to make a statement in the National League.
My point is this…Be careful what you wish for when you’re team acts like they’re unstoppable. Don’t be fooled; otherwise, you’re about to have a rude awakening.

It’s better to be the underdog, than the favorite. I rest my case.
Going into the 2012-2013 season, I wonder where the Bucks fall into all of this…haha
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Until next time, Milwaukee…
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