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The Bowling Game IS BACK!
And yours truly is on the telecast THIS MONTH on Time Warner Cable Sports Channel 32.

On top of the Spare/Time Bowling Show (SUN | 9am), you can find me playing the hits on our sister-station 99.1 The Mix (M-F | Noon-4pm), you may also know me as the Public Address voice of the Milwaukee Wave Professional Indoor Soccer Team and UWM Panthers Basketball.
I grew up right next to a bowling alley, where my mother, father and I bowled league. Later, it would be the place that gave me my first job as a teenager. I would, "work" and do ALOT of bowling when it wasn't busy. At one time I thought I was gonna take that step into the professional realm and become a Tour Player on TV but instead I chose radio.

So, when the chance to bowl on TV came about, I HAD to be a part of it!

So remember, as you surf the channels THIS MONTH, watch for yours truly on Time Warner Cable Sports Channel 32 as part of the 2013 Bowling Game to see how I do.

Enjoy the preview of me in action and GO BOWLING!
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High School Bowling Coaches Poll 2-1-13
Interesting fact from this poll - The bowling proprietors allocate State tournament births by district. One in three teams advance from each district. regardless of averages or number of teams - goes strictly by win/loss within district.

With the rule, if the season ended today in District 3a, #4 Indian Trails, #8 Kenosha Bradford and Racine Park (all averaging over 180) would all be left home, even though those three teams out-average the #1 girls team in 10 of the other 12 districts. Two districts up north are sending girls teams to State that finished third in their respective districts averaging less than 155!

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