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Let's go on a journey! Announcing "Road to the PBA Summer Swing"

If you haven't heard, I'm chasing a dream...

Under going extensive training and USBC coaching from fellow co-host Dwight Albrecht and contributor Phil Brylow to try to make a run at Professional Bowlers Tour.

Lemme give you some background on my love for the sport..(Yes, IT IS a sport!)

I grew up just over the border in Mundelein, IL, a stones throw away from Mundelelin Lanes (now Lakeside Lanes) where my parents and I bowled leagues and where I got my first job as a lad.

When I wasn't cleaning up the bowling alley or dealing with a lane problems, I'd be bowling, ALOT! Part of my pay, FREE BOWLING! How could you NOT take advantage?

At one point, it was suggested that I try to make it on the Professional Bowlers Tour. At that same time the wonderful world radio entered my life and I chose radio instead of chasing my dreams of the PBA...UNTIL NOW!!

The Professional Bowlers Association is rolling through Milwaukee this Summer with the PBA GEICO Summer Swing at AMF Waukesha, AMF West and AMF Bowlero Bowling Centers and I''M GOING FOR IT!

Click here to listen to show were I announced, WISH ME LUCK and come along for a ride, in what is going to be a Fantastic Voyage!

#YOLO #chasing-dreams #LoveTheLanes

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Meet Milwaukee Women's 2013 City Tournament Singles Champion Beth Thode
She is my student, my customer, my doubles partner, and my great friend.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you to Mrs. Beth Thode!

Beth came into my life May 12, 2012. I started drilling her equipment and started working with her July, 2012. In 9 months this is what she has accomplished:

All her league averages are over 206, up from 196 last year.

She has #7 700+ series so far on the year.

Recently on March 17th, 2013 she shot her 1st 300 game and a 722 series on games of 300, 241, 181 using her Storm Lucid.

During that set she gained the lead in Milwaukee Women's 2013 City Tournament Singles (Scratch) and (Handicap) divisions.

This past weekend the tournament ended and Beth won both titles (Scratch with 722) (handicap (824) titles. She is a 2 time city title champion.

She is one title away for Milwaukee Women's Hall of Fame.

Out of all the people I have drilled for (29) years and coached for (20 years) Beth has been the hardest working, most dedicated to our sport, more than anyone I've met. She is the epitome of a "winner".
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PBA - Jason Sterner Interview
Recent PBA Detriot Winter Swing - Don Carter Classic Champion Jason Sterner joined us on the show to talk about...

Throwing an almost perfect game, winning the tourney and keeping emotions in check.

On his recent signing with Brunswick, Chuck Garder and Jason Sterner a house hold name?

Advice for bowlers, kids, what's next and is Jason coming to Summer Swing in Milwaukee?
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