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Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 4
The countdown IS ON! I'm just 18 days away from living out a dream and competing against the world's best in the PBA / GEICO Summer Swing coming to AMF Bowling Center in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Wauwatosa.

The journey has been filled with LOTS of up's and down's but either way I'm working harder than ever before thanks to USBC Coaches Dwight Albrecht and Phil Brylow. I even have a personal trainer in my corner. Former PBA Champ and fitness guru Johnny DiSantis has been training me with bowling specific workouts and let me tell you... IT'S WORKING!

Do me a favor and head over to Johny's Facebook Page - How To Train Like An Athlete For Bowling. If your serious about bowling and want to become better, it's gonna help!

It definitely helped me this past weekend in Dyer, Indiana at Stardust Bowl's King Of The Hill Tournament. I didn't make it to the Finals but came darn close after throwing a 252 and 233 in Match Play on a hellish 43 foot oil pattern.

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's Road to the PBA / GEICO Summer Swing Episode 4.

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Road To the PBA Summer Swing Episode 3

Another week in my journey to the PBA / GEICO Summer Swing shows me just how frustrating bowling can be at times!

I've been asking everyone and their mother for advice on how to handle this venture and the majority of people are saying, just get out there and start working hard. Well, I have been! From working on my physical game, which has been transformed by the way, with the help and patience of USBC Coaches Dwight Albrecht and Phil Brylow to actually doing bowling specifc workouts with former PBA Champion and fitness guru Johnny Di Santis.

So, this past weekend I had tournament action in Madison, WI at Bowl-A-Vard for a PBA Sweeper and the right to compete in an upcoming Regional Tournament. How'd I do... Not well! PBA Shark Pattern gave me a hard time all night and I couldn't find my game to save my life!

Then on Sunday, in Hoffan Estates, IL I bowled in another well run tournament at Poplar Creek Bowl on the PBA Chameleon Pattern. While on Friday I felt like I was outta me element, Sunday felt a little better, though my scores didn't show it!

Frustrating? YES! Pack up shop and call it quits? As much as I'd like to, now is the time to dig even deeper, work harder and maybe something good will come outta this whole thing in the end!

For those just as frustrated as I, keep the faith, work harder and DON'T QUIT! I'm not! :)

#chasingdreams #lovethelanes

MOBILE USERS: Click here to watch Van's Road to the PBA / GEICO Summer Swing Episode 3.
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Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 2
My road to the PBA Summer Swing continues and I'm feeling great! Work continues on my physical game and found that my aresnal is a little lacking. After trips to Holler House in Milwaukee, WI and Stardust Bowl III in Dyer, Indiana have made me realize that THIS can't be done with just one ball! Find out what coaches Dwight Albrecht and Phil Brylow have to say about it and see where I'm at this week!
#chasingdreams #lovethelanes
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Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 1
As you may know, or not know, the Professional Bowlers Association is coming to town in May/June for the PBA / GEICO Summer Swing and I'm gonna compete!
Follow along each week to see how I progess with the help from our friends at Brunswick Bowling, United States Bowling Congress Coaches Dwight Albrecht  and Phil Brylow.

Plus you never know who's gonna call in and offer some help!

LISTEN: Van announces his intentions for the PBA Summer Swing

LISTEN: DV8 Bowling Staffer and PBA Regional Pro Kevin Kullman's advice.
LISTEN: PBA Hall of Famer Danny Wiseman's advice.
99.1 The Mix - Van McNeil to Professional Bowlers Tour...click here. 
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