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PODCAST: Chuck and Bart break down the Royal Rumble
Chuck, Bart and special guest Ryan Gibbons from KISS FM break down the 2017 Royal Rumble and what the path to Wrestlemania might look like. Is the new talent alone enough to get Chuck back into the WWE Product?

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Chuck "XXXX" Freimund
My co-host Chuck Freimund is a very passionate guy, especially when it comes to rooting on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams. As I'm sure are most of you. And one of our outlets for projecting anger in the year 2017 is the medium of Twitter. Now, as radio guys, swearing on the airwaves is a huge no-no. Fines could be levied, jobs could be lost. But on Twitter? That is the Wild West of social media. 

During the Packers/Falcons NFC Championship game I did notice that he actually let an F-bomb drop, which is rare for Chuck. Normally, instead of swearing, he will type "xxxx". If you do a quick Twitter search of his screen name and "xxxx", you'll see all of the examples (click here to see). It's pretty funny stuff.

So on Thursday's show, we're going to have a slight intervention for Chuck, as he'll read these tweets out loud. It will help him with his anger issues, one would presume.

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Coaching A Season Of Significance

My Dad, Greg Winkler, first starting coaching soccer when I signed up to play as a five-year-old still trying to understand the concept of sports. In the 27 years since then, he has put together a coaching career rivaled by only a select few. 

While soccer has been the primary focus of his coaching career, he has also coached football, track, and wrestling and has developed the minds and abilities of thousands of students as a physical education teacher. These journeys make up his book, Coaching a Season of Significance: A Soccer Coaches' Companion to All Challenges of a Year.

The book serves as a guideline and advice for coaches, no matter their experience level, as they deal with the on-field but especially the off-field challenges a coach faces with a given team. A great read for any coach, and I'm beyond proud of my Dad for the work he has done.

Above, the interview he did with our own Mike McGivern on the Varsity Blitz Scoreboad Show. Below, more information including links to purchase a copy.

More on the Author: GregWinkler.net
Buy the Book on Amazon: Coaching a Season of Significance 
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George Karl on Chuck & Winkler
© Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

We had the opportunity on Wednesday morning to chat with former Bucks Head Coach George Karl as he's promoting his new book Furious George. He's been doing so many of these interviews to promote the book, but as I've been watching him give these exchanges you can sense at times a fatigue of answering the same questions. Chuck and I tried to mix things up a bit with a focus of course on his time in Milwaukee. Who was responsible for trading Ray Allen? Could the same problems that doomed Ray's time in Milwaukee influence Giannis' future? Plus, why Karl thought the Bucks probably shouldn't have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001 in the first place...

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Giannis Made Me Cry Today
© Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


I read this Sports Illustrated article and I swear to God I teared up.

Look, I know Milwaukee Bucks fans have a tortured history of being letdown and having nothing to cheer for, but my goodness does this feel different. Giannis Antetokounmpo has incredible character with an incredible backstory, and Lee Jenkins does an outstanding job highlighting that in this piece.


And damnit if I didn't tear up a little bit. Being in the building last night for that Bucks/Thunder game, that is the kind of atmosphere that Milwaukee can provide this team every single night. I know it. Milwaukee has been on the edge of their seat ready to root for a winner for a long time, and the pieces are being put in place with Giannis at the center. It gives me great joy to know in my heart of hearts how good this team can be and how good that will be for the city.

We may not deserve Giannis, we may not deserve these Bucks and the future that is in store, but let's grab on to them as quick as we can and enjoy the hell out of this ride.

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