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Chuck Freimund

"Buzz Kill"

Well if you followed me on twitter at all or listened to "Chuck and Wickett" you know that I have never been a big fan of Buzz Williams,the now departed Marquette coach. Buzz usually makes a handful of statements every year that you kind of just roll your eyes at. Too many to count. At the end of the day,he turned out to be the phony I thought he was. Unfortuately, a majority of Marquette nation bought into him.

He was never staying here long term. Its a shame, if you are a season ticket holder or Marquette booster,you would like to believe your coach when he says " I will stay here as long as they will have me"  Leaving the manner he did,appearing on CBS shortly after, wearing Virginia Tech garb,rubbed me the wrong way and was a slap in the face of everyone who supported him.. But again, I shouldn't be surprised with this guy.


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03/24/2014 10:48AM
"Buzz Kill"
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03/25/2014 2:21PM
I have to agree with you. I did not really have any disdain and it seemed he did a great thing with the buzz's bunch thing, but I also saw him on CBS this weekend and felt like puking. I especially feel bad anytime this happens because a kid makes a commitment to play, move away from home and go to a university because a certaincoach makes all kinds of promises. The coach can leave anytime...does not have to sit out a year or anything like that, yet the coach moves on making millions etc etc with no fall out on his end at all.
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