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Chuck Freimund

Are the Divsion Title Hopes Sliding Away

I sure hate to give up on repeating as NL Central Division champs in early May but the St Louis Cardinals are going to be awfully difficult to catch from the early "Freimund Eye Test" The Cardinals are showing they didnt need Pujols as thier offense is clicking at the high rate  I still think the Brewers can find their way to 90 wins but the Cardinals are on such a run to start the season,they proving they are one of the best teams in baseball.  I just hope a 5 and half game lead on the Brewers doesnt grow too much and  turn into 10 by the All Star Break or sooner..

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05/03/2012 10:20AM
Are the Divsion Title Hopes Sliding Away
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05/03/2012 7:41PM
I hope your wrong.
Yes, the Brewers aren't playing like a team and St. Louis is off to a hot start. But, I think St Louis will cool off and the Brewers will start to click. With the pitching not being what everyone expected, our hitting isn't tearing it up either. Weeks is sucking it up as the lead off hitter. I also don't think he has the speed anymore to be the lead off hitter. Someone like Gomez, Morgan, or Ioki would be a better fit. With Gamel out for possibly the rest of the season, I think Hart would be a good fit at 1st. And use Gomez, Morgan, and Ioki as a platoon for center and right field. May will be a good test to see how this season will shape up. I think we need to be 2-3 games over .500 by the start of June to be back on pace. Go Brewers
05/08/2012 9:32AM
Where's "The Almost Done Club" line
There are so many more talented offensive teams in the NL than the Brewers that unless their pitching is perfect they'll have to struggle to win every day. This looks like a .500 team to me. No offense suspect defense = boring baseball. When does training camp start?
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