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Chuck Freimund

Badger Gameday

As much as I enjoy going to Packer gameday experience in Green Bay, the Badger gameday in Madison is even better. Walking thru the streets of Madison on gameday,making your way to Camp Randall is a awesome experience..Of course, as for the game,Packer football is on its own level, but the Saturday gameday experience in Madison can't be beat. 
Looking forward to covering Saturday's game against Minnesota.. Mike and I talked on the show this morning that there isnt much of a rivalry between the two schools even though the schools will say otherwise.. Love seeing the Badger players grabbing the Paul Bunyan Ax after a victory and "chopping" down  the goalpost. But that is the extent of the Badger/Gopher rivalry

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10/18/2012 10:49AM
Badger Gameday
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10/23/2012 9:08AM
10 AM Tubas
I couldn't agree more Chuck. I was raised around Green Bay and went to school in Madison for better part of....some years there was nothing better for me to be woken up on a Saturday morning to the sound of the Tuba section of the band making their way to the game. I would quickly throw some brats on the grill, crack a brew or two, and roll to the game. Classic memories.
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