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Bart's Bets: Week 2

Photo Credit: © Kim Klement | 2016 Sep 11

These picks are against the finalized point spread available on Yahoo on the Thursday of game week. I'll be ranking them by confidence points as well. These are meant for entertainment purposes only (well, for you anyway, I'm using them even though I lost my ass last week). 

Week 1: 8-8    Season: Well, 8-8 obviously

16 points - Green Bay (-2) over Minnesota

I've been talking soup about the Vikings defense on the air all week and how I'd take the Packers if the spread was as high as 8 points, so that's what I'm going to do with and obviously I'm more comfortable with this line. I'm interested to hear from Packers fans on Fridays show when they give their prediction, because so far every prediction I've heard has been the same - "THE VIKINGS DEFENSE IS GOOD I THINK AND ITS A NEW STADIUM SO VIKINGS WIN". Yeah, the Vikings defense is good, but statistically they were right with the Packers last season. Fans in Wisconsin are underrating the Packers defense as much as they are overrating the Vikings defense. And while a new stadium is a great milestone, it doesn't mean the Packers should just stay home and let someone else open it up. The Packers are the better team. They have an MVP quarterback. The Vikings are a good team who has not yet begun to realize how big the loss of Teddy Bridgewater will be. Sam Bradford is not getting this team to the playoffs. And he's not getting the Vikings a win against the Packers. Go Pack Go.

15 points - Seattle (-3.5) over Los Angeles

I know Russell Wilson is a bit dinged up and the Seahawks have yet to figure out who's going to be their primary rock carrier, but 3 1/2 is the line, that's it? This has to be a misprint. The Rams are terrible! Case Keenum is lost! You think the 49ers had an advantage being able to stack the box against Gurley, well then just how will Seattle capitalize on that? I suppose, THE RAMS AND A NEW STADIUM and all, but it's not a new stadium and it's not a new Rams team. This one seems a no brainer. And not one of those too good to be true no brainers either, but like a go empty your bank account kind of no brainer.

14 points - Philadelphia (+3) over Chicago

I was actually going to bite and take the Bears at home on Monday Night Football, but just like people think the Vikings are better than they really are, people think the Bears aren't as bad as they really are. President Obama (OMG POLITICZ ALERT) was talking up the Wentz Wagon in Philly this week, he'll be on board when they take down his beloved Bears.

13 points - Oakland (-4.5) over Atlanta

A very impressive road win for the Raiders last week who I think will keep the momentum going against a team that gets closer to the definition of insanity with every passing game.

12 points - Pittsburgh (-3) over Cincinnati

Pittsburgh might very well be the best team in the league right now, and that's without Le'veon Bell. A lot will be made of the playoff game between these two games a year ago, which is something I feel obligated to mention here. Give me Pittsburgh a win over the AFC's Falcons.

11 points - Denver (-6) over Indianapolis 

I'm getting tired of betting against Denver and losing, so let's try doing this instead.

10 points - Jacksonville (+3) over San Diego

I was very impressed with Jacksonville this last weekend. Funny about how the mentality of Packers fans before week 1 was "Jacksonville sucks" but after needing a late 4th and 1 stop against the Jags it now becomes "hey that team is good". That's what I've been saying! I still have them on track for ten wins - let's give them one here. 

9 points - Tennessee (+5.5) over Detroit

I came very close to taking Detroit here but I don't see Tennessee losing by six points even if they can't top the Lions. Look for a big week from Marcus Mariota and look for the Lions to come back to Earth after a win over the Colts last Sunday.

8 points - Carolina (-13) over San Francisco

Thirteen points!?!?! I know Carolina is at home, and a Super Bowl contender, but that seems so so high. Especially with how roughed up Cam Newton got in week one and how convincing the 49ers win was. Logic would tell you that San Fran is going to keep this at least within 13, which is why I'm going the other way. Carolina and the points.

7 points - New Orleans (+4.5) over New York Giants

I had 12 points on New Orleans beating the Raiders last week at home, and they would have done it too if it was for those meddling kids from Oakland. The Giants had a nice win on the road, but I think the spread is too high for them here. 

6 points - Tampa Bay (+6.5) over Arizona

All aboard the Winston Wagon. Arizona is in danger of going 0-2 at home to start the season and this would be a huge step in the development of the Buccaneers if they can pull out the win. Let's give this the Upset Special of the week and I'll take the Bucs to win on the road in a shocker. 

5 points - New England (-6.5) over Miami

Miami kept it close last week in Seattle and nearly pulled off the victory. But Jimmy G is the real deal and he'll have no problem at home against the Dolphins.

4 points - Houston (-2.5) over Kansas City

One of these teams has either a banged up offensive line or defensive line but it's close to the end of the column so I'll just take Houston at home.

3 points - Buffalo (even) over New York Jets

These Thursday Night games are just too hard to get a read on. I think Tyrod Taylor has a bounce back effort against a Jets team that is going to take longer than expected to find their way.

2 points - Baltimore (-6) over Cleveland

Are the Ravens are least watchable team in football? They'll beat Cleveland, but Gary Barnidge should do better with Josh McCown than he did RGIII. I don't know if that's relevant here, but that's what every fantasy football article I've read this week has said so I'll say it here too. 

1 points - Washington (-2.5) over Dallas

Washington looked awful the other night and there is a lot to be excited about with Dallas, but the Boys fall to 0-2 as they head out to D.C..

Again, 8-8 last week. I have nothing to compare these picks too as far as seasons past go. Someone asked me on twitter last week (@winksthinks) what all my splits were, etc.... Let me reiterate the point that you should not be placing your hard earned money on a column I'm writing to fulfill company blog quota! (I will though, of course)

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09/15/2016 12:15PM
Bart's Bets: Week 2
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