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Brewer Fans Quick to Forgive

Its Tuesday and Andrew Dunn-Bauman has his Brewers Blog

Brewer Fans Quick to Forgive  By Andrew Dunn-Bauman

 Brewers fans all know the saga of Ryan Braun. They know about the cheating, they know about the lying, they know about the 65-game suspension. But on Monday afternoon, it seemed the Brewer fan base chose to forgive and forget all of that, and instead greeted Braun with a roaring standing ovation as he approached the plate for the first time since July 2013.
For a group of fans that sounded decidedly furious with Braun when news first broke of his suspension, it was certainly more than a bit surprising to witness the reception Braun received from his home crowd on Opening Day.
I fully understand that the Brewers have a loyal and diehard fan base. I understand that they want their team to succeed on every level, as they understand that Braun is an integral part of this team’s success. The outpouring of support from the 45,691 fans in attendance was merely a reflection of how badly this city wants the Crew to succeed this year, how badly they have missed warm weather and the boys of summer, and how badly the fan base wants to put the past to rest.
But I do not agree with the standing ovation.
For one at-bat, just one at-bat, the Brewer fan base should have sent Ryan Braun a message. Boos would have been appropriate, and they would have sent that message that the fans and city as a whole is disappointed in Braun’s actions - both the fact that he cheated the game of baseball, and that he lied about it, trying to drag others down in the process. Silence, on the other hand, would have been eery and infinitely more effective. Imagine Braun being announced only for the stadium to fall dead quiet. That would have been memorable and effective.
Instead the crowd roared for Braun every plate appearance, sending the message that regardless of all the wrong he has done to the team and its fans, they are willing to accept him with open arms regardless. Brewer fans have taken loads of criticism for this, both from fans of other clubs and national pundits. Some of it is warranted. Some of it is excessive and uncalled for.
But the important thing is that the warm reception is in the past now. The Opening Day fanfare has passed as a blip on the screen, and it is time to get down to the grind of the season. Braun deserves the support of Brewer fans moving forward, because he needs to succeed for this team to succeed. And they are completely in the right to support him as a member of this organization. The fans missed their opportunity to send a message, plain and simple. Now let’s leave the controversy in the past; it’s time for baseball.
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04/01/2014 5:57PM
Brewer Fans Quick to Forgive
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04/28/2014 9:11AM
Great Article
Wow - I'm impressed very insightful. It's an act of desperation by the fans. Ryan Braun is more than a cheater. He is a low life - Lied to teammates!!!! Made accusations of Anti-semitism to a regular guy just doing his job - The brewer fans like to be the "lunch bucket" type guys and then give this guy who showed them what he thinks of " lunch bucket" guys. That is despicable and why people around the country look down on the Brewers and the fans. Cheating is one thing - he's not the first or last - but his true character is about as low as you can go - Either Brewer fans are fools or just desperate for a winner - unfortunately it's probably a great deal of both
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