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Chuck Freimund

Brewers Need to Move Forward

Im disappointed that the Brewers wont be in the post season this year.. I just hope last year wasn't a one shot deal. Game 5 against Arizona last year was a memorable day but we just need more of those. .  The Brewers need to figure out their starting rotation and most importantly,their bullpen.  Next year needs to be a step ahead not a step backwards like this season was.

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10/01/2012 10:50AM
Brewers Need to Move Forward
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10/03/2012 11:52AM
Next year
Who would of thought the bullpen was going to be the weak link with the Brewers this year? Personally, In the spring, I thought the Brewers were going to be locked-down after the 7 inning...It looks like the Brewers have all the position players taken care of...Let's just hope the front office can figure out a way to improve with the bullpen and hope the starting five gets the job done...Of course with the market Milwaukee is in, a little luck would not hurt... Please no more Rodriguex nor Axford..
11/05/2012 7:15PM
I'd like to see himm in a Brewers uni next year.Love the guys fire and I think there is still enough left in his tank to at least be good in mid relief and maybe a couple of starts. I could see him being a come back player of the year with the right club. I think the Brewers would be a perfect fit for him and at a reasonable price.
11/11/2012 3:33PM
Hope Spring Eternal
They need to get a bonafide ace pitcher. Yo is great but he is not a #1, the best #2 in baseball. The bullpen failed us this year VS last. See what the hot stove league meeting bring the Brew Crew.
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