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Chuck Freimund

Brewers Still Have Some Holes

Its easy to get excited about the four game sweep of the LA Dodgers. The pitching staff was terrrific in the four games. The margin of error for this team is so slim that most of their wins will have to come because their starting rotation kept them in the games..  The rotation is the least of my worries.

Ramirez is comig around, Weeks stays cold, Hart needs to be better in the leadoff spot, losing Lucroy hurt.. Need more out of Morgan....Catcher, First Base, and Shortstop are the three major holes on the team right now. Ioki needs to be in the everyday lineup. and the back end of the bullpen needs to be rock solid.

This is why I didn't want the Brewers to bury themselves, 10-12 games under the 500 mark. Even a terrific four game sweep, puts them 5 games under the  500 mark. I dont want to have to count on long winning streaks to get the team in contention. Still early enough, but the Brewers cannot  go backwards.. They cant go back to 9 under. They need to push towards the 500 mark now and then move forward if they want to see October.

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06/01/2012 11:25AM
Brewers Still Have Some Holes
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06/01/2012 8:35PM
The Man
Mrs Wagner said you wrote like a Sportscaster talks and she was right! Hope you had a great anniversary with Sam. Wooooood from tx.
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