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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Bucks Thoughts

  The Bucks basketball season is about a week away and the team has yet to win an exhibition game. I can't say I'm shocked by this fact, considering you have 11 new faces on the roster and a few of them have been hurt for a majority of or all of the exhibition season. Now with that being said, you should start seeing some cohesion from the guys who have been healthy throughout camp and to be quite honest I really haven't seen that to this point.

  Coming into this season I have said scoring will be an issue this season and to this point of the exhibition season I haven't seen anything to change my mind yet. Defensively you would think this team will improve simply by not having Ellis or Jennings on the roster anymore, however, will Knight and Mayo be enough of an improvement on that side of the floor to compensate for the lack of scoring night in and night out during the season?

  While I may seem like I'm not overly excited for the team at this point, you have to understand that when you have a team as young as this, there will certainly be tons of room for improvement throughout the season. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Bucks young players get better throughout the season, not really caring about the win/loss total at the end of the season. I can't wait to get back to doing postgame shows this season and talking with other Bucks fans as the season goes through it's up's and downs.

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10/22/2013 3:24PM
Bucks Thoughts
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10/25/2013 3:34PM
I agree with you Sparky, but I was very frustrated by the path the Bucks took. They had the money to go out and get an Al Jefferson and Josh Smith. Very disappointing. They did not have to spend all of it, but if they would have done their homework or taking a different path, the Bucks could have had a very good team this year. Instead, we get re-treads, ZaZa, Delfino, a streaky shooter and injury prone. I like the signings of Mayo, Ridenour and Caron Butler. The Bucks held the draft at the Bradley Center this your for season ticket holders. I had a 20 game pack in the past. I was so disappointed when they picked the one guy I did not want, Giannis. I can say with authority that when the pick was made, no one clapped, or smiled or high fiving. They all just left. But lets be serious, the Bucks in my estimation will probably win around 26 to 29 games. I hope I am wrong and they surprise me. With talk of a new arena, this is not how you go about winning over Bucks fans. Signed, concerned Bucks fan!
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