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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Bull vs Sparky

 I had a chance to ride a mechanical bull last night at Bootz Country Bar. I’m not sure if it’s a “manly” thing to do or not, my friend Lex in Arizona, claimed only women who are seeking attention get up on the mechanical bulls. Remember, I was the one who wanted to try a “real” bull during a PBR event in Milwaukee this last fall, but the PBR wouldn’t return my calls. Upon getting up on the bull, I realized I had no clue as to what was the right way to do it. I asked for tips, and was given none as everybody was eagerly waiting for me to embarrass myself. So there I was holding on to a piece of rope with one hand and not really knowing if I’d last more than a few seconds. The bull started moving and I was feeling pretty confident as I had made it past five seconds but as the pace picked up and it started bucking harder I realized I wasn’t going to last very long. I was told that a girl that works there can go for two minutes, which doesn’t seem very long, but once you are riding you realize two minutes is an eternity.  As I hung on for dear life from the rope and was focused on the rope with my head down, I got tossed off the bull after forty three seconds. I was pretty happy that upon my first time doing this I lasted that long, but now I have a goal of two minutes and plan on going back to continue to practice. I did learn after I was done what the proper technique is and plan on applying it the next time I go to ride. Now the question is, how long can you last?

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02/10/2012 1:50PM
Bull vs Sparky
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