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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Can't let it go!

  I’ve tried to let this topic go since last week’s Robert Haack Diamonds Post Game Show, but I simply can’t! I received an e-mail during the show talking about the problems a listener had getting a bar to turn the Bucks game on. After reading that email, I received a call from another listener in Cedarburg claiming to be a bar/restaurant owner and he pretty much stated that the Bucks aren’t that good and he doesn’t go out of his way to have the game on but would turn it on if somebody asked for it. That call was followed by Saz, the owner of Saz’s, who couldn’t believe what he heard that owner say, and stressed how important it is to have local establishments supporting the local teams in town.

  After having thought about this for a few days, I am more adamant than ever that as a fan, if a local establishment doesn’t care enough to support the local sports teams, then I see no reason why I should support them. You are free to agree or disagree with me on this, but I’ve heard local owners of bars and restaurants complain about “chain” places taking business away from them and they couldn’t understand how people would go there over their business. If that’s the sentiment of most local owners, then you will surely understand my stance as a sports fan to not support any business that doesn’t support the local teams.

03/25/2013 6:23PM
Can't let it go!
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03/25/2013 10:02PM
Can Let It Go
Overall I agree that every establishment should cater to the local teams and the fan's desire to see the games. That being said when you consider your rant is against the Bucks and the NBA, it is easy to see why an establishment would not want to show it. The NBA and basketball as a whole is a joke. There is no longer any display of basic fundamental skills, there isn't a player alive that dribbles the ball legally, and the game has degenerated into a dunk fest or 3pt shooting contest. Final scores in the 80's down to the 60's for an NBA team is a joke. Throw in the conspiracy theories about the NBA as well as their marketing of players instead of teams and it's so easy to see why the fan base has become so segmented. The game is also the most racially biased sport there is with all the stereotypes. In reality I laugh at the NBA nowadays because it has become nothing more than a niche sport much like the NHL and hockey in general has been for decades. Before I purchased satellite tv and the NHL package I went to local establishments begging for one tv in a corner to show NHL games. I supported those places well when they complied but it got to the point where they stopped and forced me to get the satellite. The NBA is as fixed as pro wrestling and until they fix all that is wrong with the game, the masses won't care. Although I am sure if the Bucks ever became relevant the bandwagon jumping fans will be there en masse until the NBA bursts their bubble once again. While I agree on supporting the local establishments that cater to their customers, I cannot blame anyone for not wanting to show NBA games. They just cannot be stomached to watch anymore.
03/26/2013 3:34PM
Can let go 2
The NBA should move to China. I know a lot of people feel the same way.
03/26/2013 3:38PM
Are the Bucks still in the NBA ?
Just asking.
03/26/2013 5:22PM
Bucks in general
Sparky, I gotta first tell you that I love your passion for whatever subject you are into. Most times I agree with you, though you can't always be perfect like me (my wife's words, not mine). We love turning your show on after every Bucks game to hear your take on the game (we're season tix holders the last 5 years). There are many times I would have loved to call in and give you my perspective, but have never gotten through. A couple thoughts - - this year's Bucks will never win a playoff series given their tendency to not play defense. I loved how the Bucks started playing defense with Skiles' arrival, but it seemed he went against his own philosophy near the end when he wasn't holding his players accountable for their play. Contrast that with Gregg Popovich. We have been able to sit behind the Spurs bench the last 3 years, and what we saw this year was classic. Last year we had Stephen Jackson, and as you know he was a major bust. Watching him play against the Bucks as a Spur this year was like witnessing a transformation. He was playing to the best of his (somewhat diminished) skills, but for a couple of possessions reverted to the player he was with the Bucks. The first time Pop just stared him down; the next time he yanked him out of the game and gave him a verbal dressing down, something you NEVER see a Bucks coach ever do. Then, for a short time a few weeks back, I thought I was again witnessing a transformation. This time it was Brandon Jennings. After losing much of the limelight to Monta, you could physically see him shrink as the Bucks started playing better without him in the lineup. Then he started to become the point guard he needed to be with Monta in the game. First a 19 assist game, then a 13 assist, 20 point classic game. But those stats aren't the ones I saw in the transformation. He was actually playing the "D" word (am I allowed to say that here?). I was astonished to see him actually belly up to his opponent, denying him the ball, not allowing himself to get easily rubbed off on a poorly established pick. It was almost as if he was TRYING to play both ends of the court! I have no idea what prompted him to start doing that, but I was almost thinking the Brandon/Monta backcourt could actually work! At first I thought we were witnessing Brandon re-engineering his game to fit the needs of the team. Then I got real, figuring he was simply trying to showcase to other teams what he could do come next year and his impending restricted free agency. But the effort must have taken a toll on him, because after those games he once again quit playing defense like it needs to be played to win a playoff series. In retrospect, I'm glad I wasn't able to get through to you after those games. What a fool I would have sounded like after a couple of nice wins... Which brings the question "why isn't the coaching staff insisting on that kind of play all the time?" How can there be such a disparity between the Gregg Popovichs and Jim Boylans of the NBA? Thanks for letting me vent. Keep up the great work that you and the rest of the gang at 1250 AM do. Hard to believe, but listening to sports talk radio is a new thing to me (figured I needed to get my money's worth listening to XM). Who says you can't teach someone in their 50's new tricks? : ) This is the 1st time I've ever written in a forum such as this, so I don't know if I'm allowed to give you my name or email address. So for now just call me Jere in Tosa.
03/27/2013 9:34AM
its everywhere
My friends went to Romine's the other week to watch Bucks game, they did not have it on, nor would they turn it on when they were asked. I'm sorry, but as a paying customer, if u make my time an unpleasant one, I will leave. Your bad service will be talked about. I will most likely never come back to an establishment if this happened to me. Unless the owner/manager made some type of corrective path to take, time to notice the problem and to fix it. I find this especially disturbing when it is a local team someone is looking to watch on a tv. GO Bucks!
04/26/2013 12:36PM
When did this happen
Hey Sparky, when you learn to write?
04/29/2013 1:24PM
Support the franchise?
The Bucks are a pathetic franchise. For the first time in years they've managed to be average so they made the playoffs. They have done nothing to deserve your support other than exist. No one should feel obilgated to support them. This is simply a customer service matter. If a customer wanted to see the game, I'd turn it on, otherwise I wouldn't. I sure dont want to see it.
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