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How many changes are coming for the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers? THAT is now the question. With everything that has happened this season, if there are no changes, somebody is doing something wrong. The results are just not there. Whether it's the injuries, bullpen issues, offensive slumps, or just bad luck the fact remains, changes are a MUST. Now, you have to make the right decisions, and you can't bat .1000 with trades, it's now up to Brewers GM Doug Melvin to go to work. When Ryan Braun is up in the 8th inning, and the crew is down by 2 the pressure is on Brauny, now Melvin gets to feel that pressure. While we're watching the bullpen melt down, or Ricky Weeks strike out, remember this Brewers fans, Melvin is making 'franchise changing' decisions right now. Now HE gets to know how pressure works. Not to say that his job has been on cruise control until now, but the way the organization currently stands, some of the upcoming decisions will affect the crew for years to come. Let's all wish Doug Melvin good luck as he grabs a bat for an action packed couple of weeks. Hey, remember this, 'Smile Milwaukee, the world will smile back'. See you after the game.

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07/26/2012 9:16PM
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07/27/2012 9:16AM
Love it!!!!!!!!
Smile Tim......................... BrewerMike
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