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© Michael Madrid | 2017 Feb 2

Full disclosure, the reason I picked this picture of Bill Belichick is because he looks like Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Chuck and myself made a handful of Super Bowl Prop bets with each other throughout the show on Friday, and we need somewhere to keep track of them. For the sake of whatever, bets will be described as UNITS and not DOLLARS!

Coin Toss - Chuck Tails, Bart Heads - 25 Units

Winner - Chuck Falcons +3, Bart Patriots -3 - 25 Units

MVP - If Ryan MVP, Chuck 5 Units, if any other Falcon, Chuck 15 Units. If Brady MVP, Bart 5 Units, any other Patriot, Bart 15 Units

Will it be mentioned that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round? Chuck Yes, Bart No - 5 Units

Will JJ Watt be mentioned? Chuck Yes, Bart No - 5 Units

What will the MVP Winner announce first? If Teammates, Chuck 5 Units, If God, Bart 5 Units

Who will score the first TD? If Devonta Freeman, Chuck 5 Units, If Julio Jones, Bart 5 Units

What will the first offensive play be? If a pass, Chuck 5 Units, If a run, Bart 5 Units

Will the jersey number of the first TD scorer be odd or even? If even, Chuck 5 Units, If odd, Bart 5 Units

What will the first points scored be? If Touchdown, Chuck 5 Units, if FG or Safety, Bart 5 Units

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02/03/2017 11:31AM
Chuck & Winkler Bet Tracker
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02/03/2017 3:52PM
Coin Toss
Don't they have a special coin? Patriots or Falcons The bet should be who wins the coin toss Well see
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