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Chuck "XXXX" Freimund

My co-host Chuck Freimund is a very passionate guy, especially when it comes to rooting on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams. As I'm sure are most of you. And one of our outlets for projecting anger in the year 2017 is the medium of Twitter. Now, as radio guys, swearing on the airwaves is a huge no-no. Fines could be levied, jobs could be lost. But on Twitter? That is the Wild West of social media. 

During the Packers/Falcons NFC Championship game I did notice that he actually let an F-bomb drop, which is rare for Chuck. Normally, instead of swearing, he will type "xxxx". If you do a quick Twitter search of his screen name and "xxxx", you'll see all of the examples (click here to see). It's pretty funny stuff.

So on Thursday's show, we're going to have a slight intervention for Chuck, as he'll read these tweets out loud. It will help him with his anger issues, one would presume.


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01/25/2017 4:52PM
Chuck "XXXX" Freimund
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