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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

What's sexy to you?

Alright...let's talk what you think is the sexiest look on the opposite gender? In our building, the one thing that tends to gain the most attention from us guys is women wearing boots. Let's be honest, don't most men love women wearing boots? I know I do. Ramie certainly does. Matt on the other hand doesn't. As you know Gary Ellerson has created our little segment each day on ESPN's Wendi Nix, in which we deem her "hot or not". Most of the time anytime she wears boots, she's deemed "hot". The other thing that tends to get her the "hot" label is when she's wearing a skirt that's showing some leg. Don't most guys like some leg showing? Maybe I'm crazy, but those two things seem the most obvious to me. What do you like?

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11/08/2013 2:41PM
What's sexy to you?
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