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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Dear Vince McMahon

Dear Vince McMahon,
I regret to inform you that your product has a flaw and needs to be fixed. At some point Mr. McMahon, you need to let go of the past and move forward. I understand that you deserve credit for building an empire that’s known as WWE, however, that shouldn’t allow you to become complacent and rest on your laurels. Hulk Hogan put this company on the map and since then you have developed many personalities and made them cultural icons. Whether it be Stone Cold, the Rock, Triple H, the Undertaker or Shawn Michaels all of them became bigger than life to the average fan through their ring skills, mic skills, and roles that they may have played in television shows or movies.   
If you noticed, four of those past their prime entertainers will probably be involved in this year’s Wrestlemania in Miami. I’m not quite certain if this shows your lack of faith in your current group of people on your roster to carry the biggest event of the year or your lack of motivation to create story lines worth following.
 If it’s the first reason, then by all means it’s time to start bringing in some new talent that have better mic and ring skills. I simply don’t understand how guys like Jack Swagger have jobs in the top wrestling company on planet earth. Do you not listen to the broadcasts? The guy is awful and on top of that has a lisp that becomes very annoying. Then there is Cody Rhodes, who let’s face it has a job because of his father and your allegiance to him. On top of that the diva division is an absolute joke as you’ve taken away the sex appeal. If you think people are all fired up to watch women try to wrestle like the guys do, you’re dead wrong.
Let’s say the reason you bring back the over the hill stars is indeed you and your staff’s lack of motivation to write better story lines. Then shame on for you for having let it get to this point.  Hulk Hogan went into business with Dixie Carter to have their brand of wrestling that I hoped would generate competition for you and indeed get the competitive juices flowing to write better story lines. That was my fault for assuming that it would motivate you. I guess the only thing that motivates you at this point is dollar signs, which is really a sad sign of the times today.
The Elimination Chamber pay per view is scheduled to be in Milwaukee this Sunday, February 19th. This consumer will not be attending until your product’s flaw has been fixed.
Steve “Sparky” Fifer

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02/15/2012 3:15PM
Dear Vince McMahon
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02/15/2012 3:38PM
Well put Sparky
I agree 100% Used to be a huge WWE fan, but their product now a days is TERRIBLE. Watch TNA on thursdays, way better
02/15/2012 9:35PM
Preach Sparky, Preach
Well said sparky, haven't seen wwe since the rock and stone cold was in their prime. I don't even know half of the cats in the wwe anymore, and the interviews are just deplorable. I agree with you when you said that you won't be a fan until the problems are fixed but, I don't think this can be fixed.
02/15/2012 9:38PM
wwe blows
Wwe has become a joke period. Ive been watching it since ive been born. Its not the same its all talking pretty much. I miss the old days when it was wrestling. Also when every venue it wss at in whsyever city it would sell out. But now they cant draw the crowds like they used too. Combine the shows and rosters also.
02/16/2012 12:44AM
this IS a SPORTS radio website...right??? and STILL no MMA coverage. awesome.
#justsayin that this stuff is weaksauce...grow up and watch MMA, regardless of the average DBag that calls themselves a "fan" of MMA.
02/16/2012 11:27AM
WWE is still better than TNA...yes Vince brings back the the old guys the Takers and Triple HHH's of the world for a 1 time appearance TNA uses them all the time with the Hogans and Flairs of the world who can't let go. WWE can fix there product with one simply step get rid of the brand extentsion have 1 main title and have the IC and US and tag titles actually mean something again having guys go for the smaller title is a great way to build characters and. WWE has the young talent already in place they just refuse to build them and give them a run for a month and then bury them at the bottom of the roster Del Rio Cody Rhodes and Swagger are the future and WWE and Vince needs to push them
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