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When you saw Andrew Bogut land on a Houston Rocket players’ foot Wednesday night and roll his own foot you probably had this sinking feel in your stomach. I on the other hand didn’t have that reaction, instead I had one of somebody that was just bitten by a mosquito in the middle of the summer in Milwaukee. You know mosquito bites happen in the summer just like you know Andrew Bogut getting hurt during the NBA season is bound to happen.

Then comes Thursday evening and WSSP Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel tells us that Bogut will be out for at least two weeks according to his sources after an MRI revealed a fractured ankle. Now anger set in for me as I realized that the season and any playoff possibilities probably went out the window with the news that shouldn’t surprise anybody. I’m not angry at Andrew Bogut, it’s not his fault that bad luck seemingly has followed him throughout the last three or four years of his career. I’m angry at myself that after having won 3 of 4 games, that I thought a .500 record and a playoff berth was a certainty in 2012.

After the anger left my body, I became kind of relieved and in a weird way a little excited about what the future held for this Bucks team. Without Bogut for a good portion of time, history says this team will probably not be able to overcome it and begin losing at an alarming rate. While I will be doing the Robert Haack Diamonds Basketball Post Game Show after each of these games, I will also be dreaming of what this team might look like with Anthony Davis of Kentucky or Harrison Barnes of North Carolina. So while Bogut’s ankle is fractured, my feelings are as well….What about you?

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01/27/2012 12:57AM
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