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Gambling 'IS' Legal In Baseball

The usual benchmark to get into the Hall of Fame is 3000 hits, but don't tell Pete rose that. He eclipsed the 4000 hit mark, and still is not in. We all know why...he gambled, denied it, then admitted it yet still is not in. One must ask why he is banished from the game, when dozens of players are essentially doing the same thing...GAMBLING.

When a player takes PEDs he is taking them for a reason. Some may say many reasons, yet it comes down to one, and that's the almighty dollar. Yes, fame and popularity play a role in it, but it always comes down to money. MLB needs to do what Woodward and Bernstien did, "follow the money." Take PEDs, bulk up your numbers, maybe get caught, serve your suspension, and make more money. In fact, more money than you would have made prior to the cream, injection, or whatever you ingested to perform at a higher level. Makes you wonder if the gamble paid off? It does.

Imagine your career on the downhill side, and you take PEDs. You have that breakout season and get paid more in your final few years of your career. Maybe you get caught. Oh well, serve up 50 games, and some team, somewhere will look at your numbers and take a chance on you. Coversly, if you're a younger player, and want the fastrack to fame and money, take your PEDs, again, bulk up your numbers, and hit the pot of gold.

Well, not so fast. You might get caught. If so, serve up your suspension, and some team, somewhere, will sign you based on those numbers. Despite the fact that the numbers are indeed tainted, a team WILL think you can do it without the PEDs.

I think you get the drift, the plan, THE GAMBLE! Does the punishment fit the crime in todays era of PED using baseball players? In this broadcasters mind, it certainly does NOT. There is simply too much money to ignore the temptation.

So lets fix it. Lets hit the player where it hurts the most...his wallet. 

I truly believe that a lifetime banishment from the game is extreme. Our society is built, in some regard, on second chances. We make mistakes in life. We're young, immmature and tend to be different as we get older, so that banishment is too much. However, can we fine these cheaters?

Let's face it, we're not creating a deterant that is strong enough. Let's go back to that younger player for a second. What if, MLB dictates that if you are caught, red handed, hand in the cookie jar, failed drug test, through the apeals process, corked bat, sandpaper in glove, etc., that you, the cheater, now forfits 40 percent of your contract for the rest of your career. Yes, the rest of your career.

MLB is not going to banish you for life, no restraint of trade here, just a forfiture of almost half of your earnings. It still allows you to play the game, make a living, and get yourself on the highlite shows. 60 percent of a $10 million contract is still $6 million. Where does then, the money go? It goes to a charity of that players choice, in fact giving them a tax deductable donation...that's fun. But, it HITS the player HARD. That young player will think MUCH more about GAMBLING 40 percent of their career earnings for some PEDs.

Will a team sign a free agent that must forfit a large portion to drug prevention? The answer is simple: YES. They sign player now who has been suspended for PED usage, yet pay a big contract at times. It doesn't matter to the team, either way, they have to pay the cash. Does the agent want to retain a player that is in this particular situation? Yes.

MLB, in my plan, would make the donation (on the players behalf) AFTER agent commissions are paid. You see it's all about the money, it's all about the GAMBLE. Stop allowing gambling in baseball. Now, will the Players Association go for this? How in the world could they argue against it? It would be like them stating that they WANT the opportunity to enhance the numbers, thus enhancing their wallets. They would look somewhat ridiculous fighting against this plan.

Imagine your boss, coming to you Monday morning, and stating that if your partake in a certain activity, that you would jepordize about half of your salary. Not only in his office, but within your industry. I'll promise you, you would think long and hard about taking part in that actvity. Cheaters are not going to be allowed under this plan, however, there will ALWAYS be someone, somewhere who thinks they can beat the system.

All right, GO FOR IT! It's okay, but if your actions are dicovered, it costs you dearly. Go ahead, BET ON IT!

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02/20/2013 9:16PM
Gambling 'IS' Legal In Baseball
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02/21/2013 3:07PM
Gambling 'IS' Legal in Baseball
I agree. The penalty is too easy. We need to discourage cheating. By the way... Pete Rose should be in the HOF. We need to make that happen as well. Lets have him donate 40% of his profits to a charity of his choice. Charlie Hustle Fan for Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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