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Gary Ellerson

Gary Ellerson: What Happened?

I waited to write this blog in order to gather more information on how Ryan Braun’s testosterone levels got as high as they did. Unfortunately, I still don’t have an answer for it and probably never will. But here are some of the facts that we do know regarding the sample:
1. Dino Laurenzi, the collector of the urine sample for Ryan Braun, stated that he follow all mandatory procedures by MLB in collecting and shipping the sample.
2. Upon receipt of the urine sample in Montreal, the clinic confirmed that the seal was not tampered with.
This leads us to three scenarios. Gary Walder, a former official with the World Anti-Doping, feels that one of the three had to have happened:


1.     Someone deliberately smeared testosterone gel onto Braun’s skin without his knowledge.
2.     Someone tampered with Braun’s urine sample.
3.     Ryan Braun really doped
What do you think happened?

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02/29/2012 9:35PM
Gary Ellerson: What Happened?
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03/01/2012 5:33PM
or some other mistake happened along the way. people make mistakes. computers make mistakes. etc Innocent, innocent, innocent The Brewers should cut all ties with the guilty until proven innocent....big show.
03/01/2012 11:34PM
I think that Braun has testis like a bull. He took some supplements.In an average person they wouldn't make a dirty test result.But when added to Ryan's body thats already ragin like Tebow watchin Lingere Football, then coupled with possibly kept at wrong temperature, boom there you go. IDK who cares? he's playin day one baby!
06/21/2013 11:05AM
Whatever happened it shows that the system in place is flawed.When dealing with something as important as drug testing, and the consequences. MLB was made to look foolish, and Bud looks like he has a vendetta against Ryan Braun.This is hurting MLB's reputation and Braun's.
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