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Chuck Freimund

Getting Fitter

It usually takes me a strong six week committment to getting in better shape. Started last Monday on a run that has me eating better and working out more.. The goal is to lose 20  pounds.. Ive done this before but for one reason or another,the weight usually returns. It sucks.. Trying to eat healthy is the toughest part. Taco Bell is my biggest weakness.. But then again, i cant start eating rice cakes to drop the pounds.. There is only so much salad I can eat.. Im a horrible cook.I dont want to drop beer but iam trying to scale back on my biggest weakness,soda.. ill let you know how it works out but dropping LB's in your 40s is challenging. Its an on going battle.. But taking it day by day and fighting thru the urges is the toughest part.

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02/26/2014 10:54AM
Getting Fitter
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