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Chuck Freimund

Gyros..Best Fast Food

What is the best fast food? Tacos? Burritos?Chicago Style Dogs? For my money, a Gyros rings the bell everytime.  Take a trip around the neighboorhood of any college campus in America and you will find a spot that has the best gyros in town. Middle of the day,dinner.bar time, even breakfast, a gyro is a excellent option.  The key to a good gyros place is the sauce. Dont be giving me a small dixie cup... Give me the bottle to spray. Women generally do not like gyros,most likely because of the after taste, which sticks for quite a few others even after a gulp of mouthwash and brushing of teeth.I think Sometime this weekend, I'll be sure to be hitting a gyros shop and I always go with the platter,with the greek salad and fries..

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02/21/2014 10:57AM
Gyros..Best Fast Food
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