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High School Bowling Coaches Poll 1-11-2013

A new year and a new Wisconsin High School Bowling Coaches Poll!

This time around, we have a better look at what's going on around the state as some of the northern districts have updated their respective pages at www.wihsbowlclub.com. So here is what is got as of January 11th, 2013!

Next update... January 25th.

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01/14/2013 10:13AM
High School Bowling Coaches Poll 1-11-2013
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01/16/2013 1:54PM
I am curious if you have checked the standings, and averages lately for District 4. Deforest has increased their average since your last poll, and the last couple of weeks has averaged over 200 the last three matches. I dont feel that Deforest is getting the credit they deserve.
01/16/2013 2:06PM
Dave, Madison
I agree, Deforest/Poynette should be given another look. It appears they have a better average, and a better fill percentage than three out of the top 4 teams. I have yet to be able to find Amherst's stats yet, but I am guessing with those kinds of numbers, Deforest/Poynette should probably be ranked #1. Dave, Madison
01/18/2013 9:57PM
Fareness to some teams
To all who's reading these and coaches, State should be determined by the poll to make up the top best 25 teams out there. Then take the highest averages down to the limit set for state. If it ended today some of your better teams in the state will be left out. You could be seeing a team with a 180 avg. bowling a 155-170 avg.in the step ladder finals. What would all like to see we know the answer which is the best of the best going at it. Sit back and just look at some of the districts how tough they, and only get to send 2,3,4 or 5. Not to fare for some High Schools with higher rankings and higher averages then some going to state.
01/19/2013 9:09AM
Fareness coments
It should be like the NCAA tourney drawings and at large bids.
01/20/2013 4:14PM
Phil Brylow - Essential Bowling Concepts
To Deforest & Dave in Madison The coaches who participate in the poll go beyond more than just team average when ranking the teams. The breakdown of strikes/spares/opens within the overall fill percentage, the strength of competition within a particular district, and even the centers being bowled in can affect how coaches rank in their voting. To Fareness - You are right, there are some teams that could be left out of the State finals - but until the proprietor's association (Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin) changes the rules for the State finals, it will always happen. However, in my opinion, since the HS State finals are more about quantity of teams that can fit in a center in a weekend rather than quality of teams that can actually compete for a state title, expect nothing to change soon. 52 boys teams and 35 girls teams made WI HS state last year - In Illinois, where regional and sectional competitions are help before their state finals - there are 12 teams for boys and girls at state. A regional/sectional system to get to state would be the best way to go, in my opinion. Maybe BCAW will change it down the road.
01/21/2013 8:41AM
Fareness Back
We don't have to be like Illinois, just let the rankings choose the the teams and then go by average and toughness in the district. Same should go for singles. Maybe the top 3 from districts then highest fill percentage down until full.What do you think Phil? How can we get this in the works to get things working so we have the best of the best in the state finals?
01/21/2013 12:17PM
Phil Brylow - Essential Bowling Concepts
I think for state - no more than 24 teams in either boys or girls should get there. That is about a 1 in 10 ratio to total teams in the state. The top team in each of the 12 active districts automatically goes - the other 12 teams are determined by sectional competition, weighted by teams in the sectional - that way a sectional with only 8-12 teams gets 1 state bid, a sectional with 40 teams could get 4 bids. Singles could work in a similar fashion, no more than 80 individuals. This would also allow a longer format for state, 15 Baker Games & stepladder is not enough to determine a state champ, IMHO - should be at least 32 Baker Game.
01/21/2013 12:22PM
Phil Brylow - Essential Bowling Concepts
Only way things could change for State bids - coaches would need to band together and get the proprietors to change. Don't see that happening any time soon - too many coaches don't care about "watered down" fields at state, they just want to go.
01/21/2013 10:07PM
Dave, Madison
Phil, I totally disagree with the "coaches" judging the rankings on fill percentage, strike percentage, average, and toughness of conditions. It appears to me that the coaches must only be ranking on strike percentage(barely), and "house conditions". Strength of competition actually helps teams, and makes them better. The better the district...District 3, the better the teams are going to perform against each other. The rankings are obviously a joke, and should be sent to all coaches in each district to be given a chance to vote. I also think that someone screwed up the first poll when Sun Prairie wasn't even ranked in this poll, and is now ranked 6. Give a little love to district four. Phil, I am not buying your reasoning. Thank you....Dave, Madison
01/22/2013 7:33PM
Phil Brylow - Essential Bowling Concepts
Dave - if the BCAW wants to provide me with all the 400 coaches emails, along with the time to tabulate the votes and a little compensation for my time doing so, I'd love to do the poll that way. Since that will never happen, the poll will have to run as best as possible with the limited input, and stats available, to those coaches who do participate. And remember, polls are just opinions, the only way to prove who's #1 is where they finish up at state. When this poll started last season, there were five coaches from various parts of the state that voted. We started this season with 6, and now after the first poll, there are 12. If a coach wants to take an active part in the polling process, there's plenty of ways to get a hold of me to start. There is one more poll this season on 2/1, which I'm sure Sparky, Van and Dwight will talk about on the 2/3 Spate/Time show. After that, everyone has to wait for State to see who's #1
01/22/2013 9:43PM
Dave, Madison
Phil, Fair enough. I understand where you are coming from. I appologize for being a little harsh about the poll, but I just want you to understand where I am coming from. I understand that it would be nearly impossible at this level to get everyones emails and get the time to get the votes for a little poll. One thing that you could try though, is to get one coach from each district to represent each district in the poll. I think that would be a good way to get a fair assessment and legitimize this poll a little more. I think its great that there is a poll out there, and wish there was one when my kid had a championship Lafollette team in the early 2000's. Thanks. Dave, Madison
01/28/2013 2:48PM
No 1/25 update yet? Was looking foward to seeing it. Mark
01/29/2013 2:01PM
I was too said it would be out on the 25th.
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