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High School Bowling Coaches Poll 2-1-13

Interesting fact from this poll - The bowling proprietors allocate State tournament births by district. One in three teams advance from each district. regardless of averages or number of teams - goes strictly by win/loss within district.

With the rule, if the season ended today in District 3a, #4 Indian Trails, #8 Kenosha Bradford and Racine Park (all averaging over 180) would all be left home, even though those three teams out-average the #1 girls team in 10 of the other 12 districts. Two districts up north are sending girls teams to State that finished third in their respective districts averaging less than 155!


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02/03/2013 1:37AM
High School Bowling Coaches Poll 2-1-13
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02/03/2013 11:46PM
The big problem
You bring up a big problem that needs to be recognized in the HSBC. To be brutally honest, teams make it to state every year that don't really belong there, and don't really compete with anyone. I think its horrible that these very good teams from District 3A are not making it, when they are a lot better than most teams in the whole state. We dealt with this in D4 about four years ago, too many good teams, not enough state spots. Something needs to change. Matthew
02/06/2013 3:21PM
Big Problem 2
The HSBC needs to regroup and get something in the works for next year. It's abunch of Bull - - - -! that these top teams in the state will not be able to show off there talent to the whole state. Let's try to be fare and send the best to state. Think about HSBC and come up with a fix before this happens again next year.
02/22/2013 5:31PM
What's Happening?
Will we get to see another poll before the State Tourney next week?
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