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Chuck Freimund

I Hate Video Games

 It is the first day of summer vacation in the Freimund household and I best not come home this afternoon and find my kid playing Playstation. This new device,an earpiece, that allows kids to play each other over wireless, is the absolute worst. I hate to act "old school" here, but how come kids dont play pick up basketball or baseball games anymore??? 4 on 4 games, pick your field, strikeout, whatever.. The baseball fields in Lomira are untouched during the day. Same goes for the basketball courts. Kids dont play pick up games anymore. Take for example yesterday, I told my 15 year he should be outside playing ball,not watching the Brewers game with me on TV. The only people getting exercise  in my neighborhood are us parents jogging at night. We are more active than our kids..

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06/11/2012 11:38AM
I Hate Video Games
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