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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Impressed or Depressed?

Recruiting day for a Michigan or Ohio St. fan is probably like Christmas day as they anticipate all the great things they’re new players will do when playing for their teams. Think about it, four and five star recruits who are just oozing potential that leave fans dreaming of Big Ten championships and National Championships.

Then there’s Wisconsin under Barry Alvarez and Brett Bielema, whose philosophy involves hard work and commitment to being as good as you can be. That sounds great, I’ll admit if I was a mother or father I’d be all excited for my child to go play in Madison. However, I simply don’t grasp how a coach just simply accepts not competing to be the best of the best and instead seems content to go after three star recruits with a few four star recruits sprinkled in. JJ Watt earlier today supported their motto by saying it’s not all about the stars. I was really shocked by that as they didn’t even offer him ride out of Pewaukee, yet they will take credit for him at the end of the day, and Watt will allow them to take credit as I’m sure he loved playing there. While people are willing to accept what Wisconsin has been in the past and what it appears it will continue to be, I find myself depressed by not being able to bring in classes like top tier teams from across the country. This day should be a joyous one, instead it’s just another Wednesday of the year that doesn’t separate itself from any other day.

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02/01/2012 2:01PM
Impressed or Depressed?
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