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Gary Ellerson

In Ted We Trust?

      Our mantra over past years is “In Ted We Trust”. But lately we have seen teams make bold moves in free agency to get better. The latest this year has the 49ers picking up Anquan Boldin for a 6th round pick, they have now replaced Randy Moss, just for the record that move is an upgrade over Moss. To me the Packers are clearly chasing the 49ers with this move. 
     The Seahawks traded for Percy Harvin today for a first round pick, this gives them one the most dynamic return men in today's game. Harvin can also play running back and receiver, if you thought Randall Cobb was good, Harvin is bigger, faster, and stronger. If you thought the Packers had trouble with the 49ers defending their offense The Hawks offense will be better with Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Harvin doesn’t matter who else the Hawks have at wide out. 
     In Ted We Trust? We trust Ted to do something now other than draft and develop players. We will always make the playoffs with this plan but is it good enough to win Super Bowls? 

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03/11/2013 8:28PM
In Ted We Trust?
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03/11/2013 8:44PM
Ted's philosophy
Trell from northside/Memphis I respect your stance and think its about time somebody call this out for what it is and that's the playing it safe mode which is good enough for divisions and playoff entry but after that what's next depend on one player to lift a team vs other teams who have talent spreaded across the board! Me as a packer fan don't want a repeat of the farve years where 1 Super Bowl and just get in the dance farve will do the rest see how that ended I end this wit a question how did the patriots win muiltple Super Bowls in a Decade? Once you know the answer to that then we will have a clue of what's missing!
03/11/2013 9:05PM
In Ted We Trust....
Couldn't agree any more... It's one thing not to go out and back a Brinks truck up to a aging FA but it's another to sit back and expect your team to sustain greatness at a SB level just through Draft and Develop process. The last couple seasons have seen this Packer team start to slide back. No question injuries have not helped but I fear this leadership making similar mistakes as seen during Farve era.. TT and the Packers MUST make some moves this off season.. If not.. The Niners, Hawks and Falcons are clearly better and getting better!!
03/11/2013 10:28PM
teds constant rebuilding philosophy
reminds me of that sign you see in the bar "free beer tomorrow" Granted, we're two years removed from winning it but as stated earlier, the teams we have to beat to get back are getting better and we're getting promised "free beer tomorrow"
03/14/2013 9:06AM
This is a draft
I have never seen so many talented players in free agency. For Ted this should be thought of as DRAFT part 1. I think you will see a couple of signings from this plethora of players....as it stands now Stephen Jackson is a possibility. I know the OLINE and Rodgers will benefit from this if it happens. Nick Perry. if he is back that will help. Still think TED. should add depth at OL. and secure another pass rusher in this pre-draft. I really think though, that last years #1 is a key to next season. Clay needs help. MWB
03/14/2013 2:23PM
duh gary
Yes Gary...what Ted does is good enough for winning a Super Bowl. 32 teams. We won one a little over 2 years ago. Do I want to see them make improvements? Of course. I don't think our problem was on offense. Maybe if our offensive line can stay healthy, but we have the horses in the stable for that already...perhaps this year the health thing will begin to even out. See what Seattle or San Fran does when they get the kind of injuries the Pack has sustained. Now, if we can find a running mate on the other end to go along with Clay Matthews and it is a free agent, by all means go for it. But don't forget..this is still a QB league and we have to pay #12. In ted I DO trust.
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