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It's BIG!

  So here we are Brewers fans, mid to late June, and the crew has put themselves in a somewhat vulnerable position. It’s vulnerable because an extended losing streak 'could' put the Brewers out of a playoff chase. Call it injuries, lack of talent, underachieving, etc...the situation is what it is. That being said, EVERY win is a big one. Not just because you're a Brewers fan, but because the season is teetering. When you listen to the Rupena’s Baseball Post Game Show, one may wonder why I'm excited after a victory. Even when that win is against a bad team, it still falls into the 'W' category, and from what I just wrote, means it's a big one. Known as the eternal optimist, I would get fired up whenever the crew wins, but now even MORE, since they have put themselves into the situation that they're in. How would fans feel if Axford doesn't blow 3 saves in the span of 8 games? Not to put all the blame on Axford, but it's an example of how close the crew is to competing, despite everything that has occurred. Take the 3 losses away from that column, and place them in the win column. What you have then, is a team that is above .500, and in the thick of the NL Pennant race. Is it that simple? You answer that.
  Numbers can be spun in many different directions, but 3 wins, and 3 less losses changes the dynamic of the season. Does it mean that the Brewers would be buyers instead of sellers? Only Doug Melvin can answer that. When I speak of a losing streak killing the season in terms of the playoffs, what then, does a winning streak do for them? I can answer, along with you. Playoff fever catches. Will the crew get on that streak? Only time will tell. The main point is that each and EVERY win is big...I mean BIG. Since they put themselves into this situation, they have put me, the fan, into it as well. Fist pumping after a win, and well...you know what happens to me after a loss. One thing for sure, we'll be there for you after each game. Smile Milwaukee, the World WILL Smile Back.

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06/22/2012 8:09PM
It's BIG!
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