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It's Time Brewers Fans!

Hey Brewer fans! As I do each year, I don't consider the Brewers season to "officially" start for you, until the Packer season is complete. Well, it's complete, sorry to break the news to you. The bright side? Well, we can focus on the Milwaukee Brewers Championship season of 2013. Note to 'board operators' at WSSP...hit the Bart Scott sound effect..."CAN'T WAIT"!! Are we all ready to invest some attention to our Brewers? Let’s do it.
Rotation: Yo, Narveson, Estrada, Fiers, and well, pick a youngster for the fifth spot. On paper, this rotation does not jump off the page at you, however, it's just going to HAVE to do. Unless Brewers GM Doug Melvin signs/trades for a veteran starter, the crew may have to hit their way to many, many wins.
Bullpen: Give Melvin an 'A' already, for taking care of business. Quite frankly, the reconstruction of the bullpen does not surprise me. He HAD to do it. Along with the offense, this indeed is a strong part of the 2013 team. Will they be flawless? No, but they will be a huge factor in the team’s success. This will be fascinating to watch this year.
Offense: Chicks dig the long ball? Yeah, and they will dig the 2013 team once again. This offense was one of, if not the best in the NL last year, and returns intact. In fact, some say it can get even better. Either way, Miller Park will be electric this summer. They can hit for power, their averages are respectable, and they play an aggressive style of ball while stealing bases at will. Yeah, occasionally the team will run themselves out of an inning, or a rally, but an aggressive team will have that happen to them.
Coaching: Manager Ron Roenicke will get better as a big league manager. If you think he's good now, then like any other line of work, one gets better with experience, and I'm CONVINCED Ron will. The team seems to be comfortable with Ron and the rest of the staff, so no changes, or even problems here.
Bench: With younger players trying to get in the mix, this may be an advantage for the crew. Watch for Logan Schafer, Taylor Green, Mat Gamel and more to improve this area.
So, we're off and running with the 2013 season. Here's to a season in which I have a total of 0 "rants". None, not a one. Nothing about the bullpen 'wheel of doom', nothing about mental errors on the basepaths, and no rants on missing signs. Those are all in the past, right? Right? Tell me they are...
Smile Milwaukee, the World WILL Smile Back!

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01/16/2013 1:33AM
It's Time Brewers Fans!
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01/16/2013 1:53AM
Gamel isnt on the 25 man roster. Thank god
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