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Just for fun: Radio Joe's analysis of Edgewood Golf Course

Tomorrow morning (or today, whenever the hell you read this), the 1250 Charity Golf Outing kicks off at 10am. Treating this event as if it were a Major Championship, I thought it would be fun to share my analysis of The Oaks course at Edgewood in Big Bend. I played the course this afternoon for only the second time ever, and some of the holes resonated very well (and not so well) to my scorecard. Here are some of the make/break holes on The Oaks course…
#2 – The second hole is a short par 4 that spirals downhill. Trees protect both sides of the fairway. If you’re a long hitter, you should be able to run your ball up to the green from your tee shot. There are bunkers on each side of the green. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some eagles tomorrow.
#4 – Water, water, and more water. While there are zero bunkers on the short and narrow Par 4 fourth hole, there’s a ton of agua. If you don’t feel confident with your woods, I would recommend an iron off the tee. Since it’s a scramble tomorrow, one would think somebody on your team can hit the fairway. Only the penitent man will pass on this hole. Making par here is not the end of the world.
#5 – The fifth hole is a straight, short, and reachable Par 5. Like the fourth hole, though, it’s narrow as hell. There’s a large pond that comes into play just right of the cart path. To the left of the fairway are a long line of woods (luckily they have it marked as a lateral hazard). If you can hit the fairway, you’re in business. The green is protected by two large front bunkers.
#8 – Perhaps the shortest Par 3 and the easiest hole on the course, it’s about 150 yards uphill to a small green. Like the majority of the holes on the Front 9, this hole has woods on both sides. If you can hit a straight iron shot from off the tee, making a birdie on the scorecard shouldn’t be out of reach.
#11 – This Par 3 kicks off a beautiful stretch of scenic holes on the Back 9. Teeing off from the top of the hill, you can see a picturesque view of southern Waukesha County. The hole is about 169 yards downhill to bunkers guarding the right, left, and back portions of the green. A 6-iron was the perfect club for me; I practically threw a dart at the green and left myself about a 30 foot putt for birdie (I ended up two-putting for par).  If you hit your shot too long, you may end up in the fescue. There’s a lot of fescue at Edgewood; it can crucify your round if you decide to play out of it.
#13 – By far my favorite hole on the course, this hole reminds me of the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, just for the fact that you’re hitting onto an island green. With a large bunker snaking across the front of it, this green is huge, so it’s not the end of the world if your shot is off target. If you find the water, though, there’s a reasonable drop zone to the left of the green by the cart path.
#16, #17, #18 – The 15th hole is the last Par 5 on the golf course. If you fail to make birdie at the 15th, the final three holes are not too difficult. They are mid-length Par 4s ranging between 350-410 yards. Of the three, the 18th is the easiest. Once you the clear the creek just in front of the tee box and reach a fairly wide fairway, you should be set for a short iron to the green. I almost made birdie there today.
As for the 16th and 17th holes, you have to clear a large bunker tattooed to the middle of the fairway on 16. The fairway is pretty wide, and there’s no chance of hitting it out of bounds. The green is one of the smaller ones on the course, so make sure you get your yardage in order. There’s a ton of thick fescue settling behind the green. Better to hit it short, rather than long.
While the 17th hole doesn’t have any bunkers, it’s important to hit a straight tee shot to a fairway that opens up after 200 yards out. There’s a pond to the left, which is also close to 200 yards away from the tee box. If you can find the fairway, you’ll need a long iron to an uphill green. Depending where the pin is located, it may be a challenge putting. The green is slanted downward from the back to the front of the green. Choose your shots/putts wisely…
Otherwise, have a hell of a time. Drink beer (or what I like to call swing juice), eat as much as you can, and enjoy the little amenities on each hole (like pieing Sparky in the face).
Larry Harris’ group will probably win, so keep dreaming. You’re not going to win. My group could make a run at it, but I’ll keep my optimism to a minimum.

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08/14/2012 10:08PM
Just for fun: Radio Joe's analysis of Edgewood Golf Course
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