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Spare Time Bowling Show


Spare/Time Bowlng Show HS Coaches Poll

2013-14 Spare/Time Bowling Radio Show

Coaches Poll – January 25, 2014


     District      Last Poll Ranking

1.     Marshall / Waterloo  4   1

2.     Kenosha Tremper  3a   2

3.     Menomonee Falls  1   7

4.     Sun Prairie    4   10

5.     Sussex Hamilton   1   3

6.     Mukwonago   1   8

7.     Appleton North   8a   5

8.     Racine Park   3a   4

9.     Marshfield    9   6

10. Oak Creek   1   N/R

Dropped Out: Green Bay Preble (Was 8)


Others receiving votes: Franklin (Dist.1), Neenah (8a), Indian Trail (3a), Cambridge (4), Manawa (9), Sheboygan (7 North)



              District      Last Poll Ranking

1.     Indian Trail    3a   1

2.     Waukesha West   1   2

3.     Kenosha Tremper  3a   3

4.     Sun Prairie    4   4

5.     West Allis Central  1   5

6.     Kenosha Bradford  3a   6

7.     Madison Lafollette  4   9

8.     Watertown    6   8

9.     Burlington    3a   7

    10. DeForest / Stoughton  4   N/R

Dropped Out: Madison East / Marshall (Was 10)


Others receiving votes: St. Francis (Dist.1), Madison East / Marshall (4), Racine Park (3a), Muskego (1), Fond Du Lac (7 North)

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01/5/14: Spare/Time Bowling Show Coaches Poll

2013-14 Spare/Time Bowling Show Coaches Poll

January 5, 2014


1. Marshall/Waterloo
2. Kenosha Tremper
3. Sussex Hamilton
4. Racine Park
5. Appleton North
6. Marshfield
7. Menomonee Falls
8. Mukwonago
9. Green Bay Preble
10. Sun Prairie

Others receiving votes: Neenah, Manawa, Sheboygan, Oak Creek, Campbellsport, Franklin, Indian Trail, Cambridge, Fond du Lac


1. Indian Trail
2. Waukesha West
3. Kenosha Tremper
4. Sun Prairie
5. West Allis Central
6. Kenosha Bradford
7. Burlington
8. Watertown
9. Madison LaFollette
10. Madison East/ Marshall

Others receiving votes: DeForest/Stoughton, Fond du Lac, Columbus/ Fall River, St. Francis, LaCrosse Central, Waterford
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Add it to the Bucket List!

  I was fortunate enough to have attended the World Series of Bowling V last weekend in Las Vegas at South Point Casino. As I've said in the past, this event is a bucket list item for any diehard PBA fan, it's simply unmatched by anything else you will ever experience. You have the best in the world from Sean Rash to Pete Weber to Wes Malot who you can meet at anytime during your stay at the South Point. Pete Weber and his wife just sitting at a machine playing the slots or video poker after he just got done playing in a TV taping finals. That's pretty cool!

  The other thing you get to see are the new things that the PBA is bringing each year before everybody else does. For instance, this year the PBA has brought blue dyed oil to the lanes. PBA bowlers can now see where the oil is on the lane, this is history in the making. The average bowler sitting at home, thinking they bowl on the same patterns as the pros do are now going to see that don't. This new feature to the PBA tour should help immensely to showing people just what the professionals are up against each and every show. 

  This year you might have also met former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens walking around the casino, as he was trying to qualify for World Series of Bowling V. It was a struggle for T.O. but lessons were learned and he will be back again to give it another try. I had a chance to do an interview with him while I was there and you'll hear that later this season on the Spare/Time Bowling Show on Sportsradio 1250, WSSP. 

If you missed it this year, don't miss it next year!
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PBA Summer Swing Memories, The Petersen Classic, The Bowling News and more!

Hello Spare/Time Bowling Show fans! Hope y’all are having a great summer! Have you been working on your game at all? Because Fall Leagues are now forming! Check your local bowling center for more information. :)

Well, two months after competing in the PBA Summer Swing, I still continue to work on my game! Tuesday nights, New Berlin Bowl, Team USA Sport Shot League, where a good sized group of men, a few women and youth too, challenge ourselves on World Tenpin Bowling Association Oil Patterns. These oil patterns are more of a challenge vs. your typical house shot and forces you to be more accurate! Frustrating? YES at times, but once you scale it back, do a little studying and find your groove, the payoff is excellent!

Unlike, The Petersen Classic in Hoffman Estates, Illinois which was NOT so excellent for me in my first time out! But I still had a great time nonetheless. My father always talked about The Petersen Classic, even competed a few times at the old location and won some $$$! If you’ve never heard of The Petersen Classic it’s a tournament like no other. 8 games across 16 lanes of HELL! You can only use two bowling balls, no practice beforehand, no arrows or dots on the lane for aiming and the oil, or lack there of... it really depended on which pair you were on. It really beats you up mentally unless you have the right equipment! 1100 after 8 games which I guess is ok for my first time. Can’t wait for next year!

Another way I challenge myself is Friday Nights in Dyer, Indiana, just over the Illinois /Indiana border, at a house called Stardust Bowl III. There, Sean Ciesielski and their fine staff run a boatload of tournaments including a weekly King of the Hill, where the BIG names and little names, like myself come to play on challenging oil patterns for $$$. Just a few of the BIG names I’ve run into while down there... Eugene McCune, E.J. TackettBrian Velenta, Jerry Mars, Kevin Kullman and many other PBA Regional and Tour Pros who will help you out if they find you struggling! Nice to see and have a passionate group of bowlers that love the game and help each other out! I’m not saying it doesn’t happen here BUT I wish we had a tournament like this in OUR area. If you’d ever like to join me and the carpool and challenge yourself, just let me know!

Before I go, I always get asked about my GEICO / PBA Summer Swing experience and how it was bowling against the BEST bowlers in the world, I’m always willing to share stories so don’t be afraid to ask. I just wanted to share a couple of memories and remind you that you can re-live my time on PBA Xtra Frame for a small subscription price OR watch my training and listen to stories about the experience on the show (for free), click here.

Just a couple of PBA Summer Swing Memories...

Getting yelled at by the great Walter Ray Williams Jr., “JUST BOWL!” I guess I was giving to much lane courtesy. I know better now! :)

Beating one of the greatest bowlers of our time in Norm Duke not once, but TWICE! It was all about the small victories for me as I was shaking in my boots at the competition during that two weeks they were in town. 

Remember to ALWAYS fill out your PBA score sheet completely, no matter how well you bowl, otherwise it’ll cost you and the person you verify for some $$$! In this case it was Anthony LaCaze and he playfully, “let me have it” if you will! Whoops!

Being on the call alongside former PBA Champion Johnny DiSantis and my coach Dwight Albrecht for the Brunswick Youth Super Classic where PBA Tour Pros Sean Rash, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Tom Hess and Tom Smallwood were paired with some pretty talented youth. You can watch that telecast here.

Lastly, getting interview by Mr. Mark London at The Bowling News about my experience. The Bowling News is a weekly publication that is read around the world! You can read the article, that will give you EVEN MORE insight of my PBA experience, here. Thank you to Mark and the crew at The Bowling News for taking an interest and to all the fans too!

For now, the grind continues! This PBA thing is far from over! I still have more work to do on my game before I even think about doing something like that again!
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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 3 - PBA Bear Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes

This was it! The final tournament of my GEICO / PBA Summer Swing experience, the Lucas Oil Bear Open. Because of my outings at the Lucas Oil Badger Open & Lucas Oli Wolf Open, all I had to do was string about 120 strikes together and MAYBE, just maybe, I could of done something.

As you can see from the picture above, that didn't happen. Those guys up there are your Top 5 for TONIGHT's 6pm CBS Sports Network Telecast of the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Bear Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes in Wauwatosa, WI.
You can find out more about the telecast and CBS Sports Network...click here.

As for the oil pattern, YES! it was a "bear" but somehow this was my best outing. Maybe it was because I had two other tournaments under me, or maybe it was because I started to pick up spares! I've said it before, I'll say it again... PICK UP YOUR SPARES!!

In the end, I finished 84th outta 100 for the Lucas Oil Bear Open. Overall 80th out of 84 for the Lucas Oil MIlwaukee Open. I'll take it!

It was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget! Made some new friends and earned the respect of the guys I grew up watching on TV, even some of the new guys! Who knows, with even more hard work over the summer, maybe I'll be packing my bags and bowling balls for Las Vegas... We'll see! :)

Before I go, a very big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved. I have the best job in the world, blessed to do it and am grateful for my friends and family who supported me along the way! I got to live out a dream or a "what if", if you will.
What if I woulda joined the PBA when I was 18 and not go into radio?
I have my answer now and lemme just say, it's never to late!
Like the "shwoosh"... JUST DO IT!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Bear Open Tournament Experience.
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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 2 - PBA Wolf Open from AMF West Lanes

After my STELLAR outting at the Lucas Oil Badger Open, I took a couple of days to rest, relax and re-group and let me tell you I needed it!

There is this video at PBA.com titled, "What Do You Tell People That Say Bowling Is Not A Sport." In said video, one of the greatest bowlers of our time, and a guy I was paired with during Badger qualifying, Norm Duke says something to the accord of loving bowling so much, you hate it sometimes!

That's how I felt after the physical and mental circus that was Round 1 of the PBA Summer Swing. I know I can bowl, I've made whatever spare a million times, etc, but with the difficult oil pattern, pressure of the situation and the GREATEST bowlers in the world!? You learn LOTS and FAST!!

So, with one tourney in the books, this second tourney should be a peice of cake! Right? You'd think, but these guys are GOOD! And the guys in the picture above are REALLY GOOD! They are your Top 5 for TONIGHT'S, 6pm, CBS Sports Network Telecast of the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open from AMF Bowlero Lanes in Wauwatosa! To find CBS Sports Network in your area, click here.

How did I do? Well, at least I wasn't last! :) 85th outta 90 for the Lucas Oil Wolf Open.
You can watch my trials and tribulations below... For scores...click here.

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open Tournament Experience.

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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 1 - PBA Badger Open from AMF Waukesha

A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to try and compete against the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World" at AMF Waukesha Lanes in the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing!

I wish I could be saying, "Hey! Watch for me tonight on the CBS Sports Network as I make my Pro Bowler debut on Lucas Oil Badger Open!", but sadly, I didn't make the cut. Didn't even come close! Though the 5 guys above did and will compete for the top spot starting TONIGHT at 6pm on CBS Sports Network. Don't know what channel? Click here to find out!

So what IS it like competing again the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World"? Lemme tell you, I worked so hard on the physical game that my mental game almost fell by the wayside.

PODCAST / LISTEN: You can hear an ENTIRE recap of my experience in the season finale of the Spare/Time Bowling Show...click here.

Bowling with the big names? No problem! Walter Ray Willimas Jr. politely telling me to, "JUST BOWL!" when I was taking to long, I can handle that. Missing spares though, is the death of not just me, but any bowler out there! And when you miss a spare against the big dogs, you're just giving away pins and you keep digging yourself into a hole, a hole that gets big fast if you're not paying attention!

In the end, I took 82nd out of 84th! Took lots away from this first tournament and got ready to do it all again a few days later for the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open at AMF West Lanes. I'll bring that to you next week before the next telecast!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Badger Open Tournament Experience.

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Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 6

The final episode as I get ready for the PBA Summer Swing. The fun starts with a practice session today at AMF Waukesha from 2-4pm, qualifying Monday ad hopefully some Match Play on Tuesday. Get the entire schedule and your tickets to watch and Pro-Am information...click here.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Road to The PBA Summer Swing Episode 6

Much love to the "Van McNeil" team if you will.
Dwight Albrecht - Spare Time Pro Shop / New Berlin Bowl
Tracy Posnanski - New Berlin Bowl 
Kevin Tabron - Brunswick Bowling
Phil Brylow - Essential Bowling Concepts
Johnny DiSantis - True Rival Fitness / Train Like An Athlete for Bowling
Rick Benoit - Bowl U
Tom Clark, Bill Vint, Janay Haggerty - PBA
Jim / Chuck - River City Lanes Waterford.
Joe Cerar  - Bowlers Pro Shop
Kevin Frew - Great Lakes Bowling
Lisa Vint - Windy City Bowling
Gina Daroszewski -  EMBROID ME

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LOTS to do with the world's BEST bowlers as PBA returns to Milwaukee!

The Professional Bowlers Association / GEICO Summer Swing kicks-off THIS SUNDAY and there are PLENTY of opportunities to hang with / bowl alongside the world's best!

Here is a break down of what is going on the next few weeks...

Your first chance to throw with the "Greatest Bowlers In The World" is this Sunday, May 19th at AMF Waukesha for the PBA Badger Pro Am.
Time: 6:30pm
Cost to Bowl: $25 Kids / Seniors $50 Adults
Cost to Watch: $10
For PBA Badger Pro Am information...click here.

Wednesday, May 22nd AMF West hosts the PBA Wolf Pro Am.
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $25 Kids / Seniors $50 Adults
Cost to Watch: $10
For PBA Wolf Pro Am information...click here.

Sunday, May 26th AMF Bowlero hosts Essential Bowling Concepts, 2013 Youth Challenge Series SUPER CLASSIC and  PBA Bear Pro Am!

2013 Youth Challenge Series Super Classic
Time: 10:45am
Cost to Bowl:
Handicap: $44.00
Scratch - $64.00 Includes $20 Scholarship Prize Fund Fee Add $6 Late Fee if paid after 5/23

TV  finals will be taped for June Telecast on Time Warner Cable Sports Channel.
The top finisher in each division will advance to the television taping, where they will be paired up with a PBA Tour Brunswick Pro Staff Bowler to bowl for BONUS merchandise awards!

Youth Challenge Series Director Phil Brylow said, "This tournament is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have youth bowlers pair up on TV with some of the best bowlers in the world! How many people dream of having a Sean Rash, or a Walter Ray Williams, Jr., or a Tom Hess or Tom Smallwood pair up with them for a doubles tournament? Well, now here is the chance for six bowlers who make the Time Warner Cable Sports 32 finals."

For Essential Bowling Concepts, 2013 Youth Challenge Series Super Classic Tournament Information...click here.

PBA Bear Pro Am
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $25 Kids / Seniors $50 Adults
Cost to Watch: $10
For PBA Bear Pro Am information...click here.

Then you got the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World", competing and qualifying to see who will advance to the TV taping of all 3 respective tournaments.

PBA Badger Open - AMF Waukesha
Monday, May 20th - Qualifying - 10am-9pm
Tuesday, May 21st - Match Play 10am-3pm (Top 5 Advance to TV Taping June 2 @ AMF Bowlero)

PBA Wolf Open - AMF West Lanes
Thursday, May 23rd - Qualifying - 10am-9pm
Friday, May 24th - Match Play - 10am-3pm

PBA Bear Open - AMF Bowlero
Monday, May 27th - Qualifying  10am-9pm
Tuesday, May 28th - Match Play - 10am-3pm

Daily qualifying ($10) and match play ($10/$15) spectator passes will be available at the door the day of the event...for more click here.

PBA Badger, Wolf and Bear Championship Matches will be taped for CBS Sports Network, Saturday, June 1st at AMF Bowlero.
For Saturday ticket packages, prices and more...click here.

On Sunday, June 2nd the PBA Milwaukee Open and GEICO King of Swing will be taped for the CBS Sports Network at AMF Bowlero.
For Sunday ticket packages, prices and more...click here. 

If you need MORE information you can always visit PBA.com or click here to LISTEN to PBA commissioner Tom Clark on last week's Sapre/Time Bowling Show.
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Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 5

Well, we're getting down to it! The PBA / GEICO Summer Swing is ONE WEEK AWAY! Next Monday, is the first tournament at AMF Waukesha, on what is the most intimadating oil pattern, the PBA Badger. 52ft OF SLIPPERY FUN! The longest in PBA history.
Good news for me is that my equipment has arrived just in time!
Thanks again to our friends at Brunswick Bowling for the hardware, Johnny DiSantis / Train Like An Athlete for Bowling for kicking my butt in the gym, Rick Beniot at BowlU for some great advice and of course USBC Coaches Dwight Albrecht and Phil Brylow for working on my physical game the past few months. Stay tuned for one more blog before going in this experience and wish me luck!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's Road to the PBA Summer Swing Episode 5.

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