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Let's Play "Terrible Take Thursday"!

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In all honesty, there were some outrageously bad takes on The FAN today (more than usual!). Our show had a guy bash Aaron Rodgers as if he'd never seen an NFL game in the last decade, a caller into Bill's show said Prince Fielder was not even a Top 25 Brewer of All-Time, and then came the garbage on The Big Show where Ramie spent the whole 4pm hour ripping on Michael Phelps. Something about not being an athlete because he can't shoot a basketball like his hero Derrick Rose, I'm not really sure I stopped paying attention...

But in honor of these terrible takes, it's time to hear some even worse ones. Thursday morning on Chuck & Winkler we're going to debut "Terrible Take Thursday" at 7:15am. We're looking for people to call - 414.799.1250 - with the worst take they can think of. You don't have to believe your take, but you have to make it believable. The "best" one will win tomorrow's prize - a four pack of tickets to the Brewers/Reds game on Friday night, as well as a four pack of tickets to Irishfest next week down at the Summerfest Grounds.

Call in, give us your terrible take, and good luck!

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08/10/2016 8:42PM
Let's Play "Terrible Take Thursday"!
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